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Hello !

Yesterday i posted my build about a tank/dps build for CB, but i saw i missed some important part (elementless for example), so i did an other one, and i fu*king happy with it!

For me in MHW a "tank" is just a player with MAX LIFE (+50 with vitality, +50 with food), and some regen of HP. Guard UP is cool too, not necessary every time, but i like to have it anyway, i can switch if really necessary.

With that build i tried to keep the max atk possible, with my aspect of tank.

I have the base of the CB "META" (Diablos/Horn, Focus/Weakness/Artillery/Non-elemental/Capacity), i keep the Tank aspect (Health Boost, Recovery Speed, Guard UP, Guard, Health regen on weapon), and i add the protective polish to keep MAX dps in a "normal fight" (not speedrun).


I can swap guard up for anything else if not necessary (attack, recovery speed), but i like to keep it, its not a big lost anyway.

For me its really an all round set, and i really like it. I cant really be one shoot (AT Kirin for example hit me for about 1/2 // 1/3 life without food elemental def), and the regen on the weap + SAED is REALLY good (i can heal myself for about 2/3 of my full life 200 if i full hit).

As a PC user, i still not have the Vaal Y (2 days !!), so i use this one during the wait :

Orion set, i just loose the Recovery speed, not a big deal.

What do you think of this build? Any way to improve it? Thk in advance !

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