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My crazy adventure in the Ancient Forest

MonsterHunterWorld6 - My crazy adventure in the Ancient Forest

Hi hunters,

I just want to share what has been the craziest and most fun hunt I've done since starting this game about a month ago. I just entered HR and beat the Pink Rathian last night, although that is not the crazy adventure I want to tell you about.

This story starts with me accepting an optional 6* mission to hunt an Anjanath in the Ancient Forest. I go through the motions; manage my item pouch, eat, and whatever else pre-hunt. I don't know if it's just me, but as a GS main (I actually have not gone on a hunt with any other weapon yet, I love my GS) I really enjoy bashing the skulls in of just about any monster I come across. I did the same on my first encounter of this hunt; a Great Jagras thought it was a good idea to cross paths with me. I engage it; a straightforward fight as usual. That is, until the Anjanath I was supposed to hunt decided to join the party.

The Anjanath roars, stunning the Great Jagras and me in the process. Luckily for me, our dino-friend decides to show the Great Jagras who was boss first. I saw a chance. While the Anjanath was swinging the Great Jagras around with its powerful jaws, I decided to position myself and go through my combo so I could charge up my TCS. As the Anjanath slams down the Great Jagras, my TCS releases, knocking the Anjanath over in the process as well as cutting through to the Great Jagras. I then start wailing on the head of the Anjanath, damaging the Great Jagras simultaneously as they are practically laying on top of each other flailing about. The Great Jagras gets up and runs; I let it go since I was preoccupied with the Anjanath. However, our dino friend decided it had enough for now and ran. This was encounter #1 of this hunt. I was feeling pretty good about myself at this point.

I decided to follow the trail of the Great Jagras first, since I had dealt decent damage to it so I wanted to see if I couldn't capture it. However, I then spotted another interesting beast that I had only hunted once before back in LR; a Tobi-Kadachi. Facing it in LR, I remember how annoying I found its speed in jumping around, so I took a bit of time getting used to its movements. Afterwards, I just start wailing on this thing as my faithful Palico was distracting it. The battle was progressing smoothly until; you guessed it, the Anjanath decided to butt in on a fight of mine again! The Anjanath was focusing me this time, forcing me to roll around to dodge its attacks. By this time, the Tobi-Kadachi decided to enter a turf war. Once again, I am enjoying this turn of events.

I simply let the Anjanath do its thing; the same as it did to the Great Jagras. In the meantime, I sharpened my blade and noticed a great chance; the Anjanath was conveniently swinging around the Tobi-Kadachi underneath vines holding up some big rocks. I wait for the Anjanath to deal damage to the Tobi-Kadachi, before shooting a rock at the vines with my slinger, causing the rocks to again knock over the Anjanath just as it slammed another monster into the ground. The battle resumes; I land a couple of TCS's on the Anjanath before it decides to run away. By this time, the Tobi-Kadachi had already spotted its chance and ran away. This was encounter #2; but this hunt still had quite some time to go; only about 10 minutes passed during this hunt so far!


Now I decided to follow the trail of the Great Jagras first, but as I found it, it was burrowing away to leave the locale; my first target of the hunt got away. I then set my sights on capturing the Tobi-Kadachi. When I first fought the beast in LR, I did not know how to capture monsters, so I figured I would at least unlock its special arena optional quests. This was a fairly uneventful part of the quest, where the Tobi-Kadachi was outmatched in the 1 v 1. I broke its tail, its head, and at least one of its claws before it tried limping away. This is where I saw my change to get my first capture on this beautiful beast. Of course, the resident B-52 Bomber, Bazelgeuse, decided to intervene as it always does. I was not equipped, nor interested in fighting Bazel at this point, so I flung dung at it, causing it to go away. This gave the Tobi-Kadachi time to get away, but it simply limped away to go to sleep. I woke it up with a TCS before trapping and tranquilizing it for the successful capture. This was encounter #3 of the hunt.

By this time, my focus finally shifted to what was the intended target of the hunt all along; Anjanath. I find it roaming around the forest and we engage in battle; the third time we would face off. The Anjanath got in some good hits on me by constantly rushing me back and forth the area we were fighting in. I was whittling down the Anjanath's vitality, when, believe it or not, another Great Jagras decided to show up as I get a knockdown on the Anjanath. It decided to help me out by attacking the Anjanath while it was down, which I duely appreciated. I took the opportunity to TCS Anjanath's tail, cutting it off in the process. As this was about to turn into a 3-way tussle, everyone favorite neighbor, resident bomber bird decided to fly in, crashing right into me, knocking me down. It flew over all of us intimidatingly, causing the Great Jagras to immediately decide to run. Soon after, so did Anjanath. By this time, the Bazelgeuse was fully focusing on me, so I shot a flash pod up, causing it to crash down to the ground. This gave me the necessary time to carve the Anjanath's tail and rush after it into the cave system. This is where the Bazelgeuse lost track of us. This was encounter #4 of the hunt.

By this time, many battles with many monsters took place in the Ancient Forest and I had squared off with the Anjanath 3 times already. I knew I was getting close. It was time for the finally face-off against the Anjanath after exiting the cave system on the western end of the forest. The Anjanath is wild at this point, but I can tell it is struggling to stay on its feet. After a short skirmish, it tries limping away into the forest through the north. By a stroke of luck, my trusty Palico had left a shock trap in the path Anjanath tried running away to, giving me the opportunity to tranquilize it. Thus, I captured the Anjanath, ending encounter #5 of the hunt, where I completed my quest.

This all happened in the space of about 25 minutes. My love for this game is growing with just about every new hunt I go on. The fact that I can have so many epic moments occur in just 1 hunt pumps me up. I just wanted to share what was one of my favorite hunts so far with you guys. Can't wait for the challenges to come!

Tl;dr Went to hunt an Anjanath, ended up in 5 different battles usually featuring 2 monsters simultaneously, before capturing my intended target in only 25 minutes. I love this game!

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