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My Detailed Prediction List of All Large Monsters in MH: Rise

MonsterHunterWorld2 - My Detailed Prediction List of All Large Monsters in MH: Rise

With the recent leak of some of the monsters that'll more than likely be in MH: Rise and a potential trailer coming soon, I thought it would be fun to create my own prediction list of the entire roster. I've divided them into confirmed monsters, (as of now) leaked monsters, my own predictions, and then extreme unlikelihood's that I hope to see included as a Monster Hunter fan! I've also included my thought process for the selections and for some absentees others may find surprising. Lemme know what you guys think!

Confirmed monsters as of now:

  1. Ratholos
  2. Rathian
  3. Arzuros
  4. Tobi-Kadachi
  5. Magnamalo
  6. Tetranadon
  7. Great Izuchi
  8. Aknosom
  9. Yorogumo/Yatsukadaki (the pelican spider monster glimpsed briefly in the first trailer most likely)
  10. Naruhatatahime (based off of a Kamiike hime most likely and teased by Ichinose)

Leaked monsters: (Take with a grain of salt)

11. Mizutsune

12. Lagombi

13. Khezu

14. Barioth

15. Kulu Ya-Ku

16. Tigrex

17. Anjanath

18. Barroth

19. Rajang

20. Nargacuga

21. Bazelgeuse

22. Diablos

23. Chameleos

**24. Valstrax (**this one comes as a surprise to myself, and I wonder how they will justify this story wise)

25. Namahage Bear (concept sounds awesome!)

26. New Weasel Monster (May just be Great Izuchi)

My Own Predictions: My predictions are based on either their Japanese inspirations through creature or equipment design, diversity to the roster they bring which is a noted element the designers want to bring to Rise, and fan favorite status.

27. Odogaron 1,000% chance

28. Tetsucabra 10,000% chance

29. Yian Garuga 1,000,000% chance

30. Zinogre 1,000,000,000% chance!!!

31. Daimyo Hermitaur (Why wouldn't it be in?)

32. Shogun Ceanatuar (Ditto)

**33. Congalala (**Betting on Congalala making it in rather than Blangonga due to Congalala’s fight being much more unique. Also a Congalala x Tetranadon turf war were Conga farts on Tetranadon to scare him off would be very fitting considering Tetra’s Kappa inspiration)

34. Agnaktor (needs more exposure cult favorite)

35. Brachydios (fan Favorite)

36. Deviljho (Staple of the series)

37. Lagiacrus (Super fan favorite!)

38. Nibelsnarf (Unique fight needs more screen time)

39. Royal Ludroth (Just to get picked on by Lagi via Turf war)

40. Malfestio (Japan loves this one)

41. Nerscylla (More buggos needed)

42. Seltas (The true Main Character, Seltas the…Flyer!)

43. Seltas Queen (Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb)

44. Seregios (Ready to make his triumphant return)

45. Zamtrios (Verysilly unique.)

46. Legiana (A definite favorite of World)

47. Kirin (Of course sadly)

48. Vaal Hazak (Fantastic Elder from 5th gen. Wants to corpse new monsters)

49. Yama Tsukami (Come on Capcom!)

50. Amatsu (Shocked if he doesn’t make it in)

51. Dalamadur (If not in the main game then as a post launch update before expected expansion. Fits in line with the idea of post launch big monster battles like MR Kulve Taroth or Alatreon)

Extremely Unlikely Predictions: Only 1 or 2 included in roster if at all

52. Estrellian (Would love to see this monster return in a mainline game. Has got a unique mechanic with a lot of potential and a great visual design. This bug dragon deserves a chance to truly shine!)

53. Inagami (an obvious fit for Rise given moveset, armor design, and we need that bopping theme again!)

54. Lightenna (Looks like it could be in the mainline MH games and would promote variety in the roster. Also the wirebug enhanced gameplay would make this a really fulfilling fight)

55. Akura Vashimu (Would have been a perfect fit for Elders Recess in World but hoping to see this unique boi make an appearance in a mainline game. They also try to eat their own tails when cut off to prevent hunters from carving them and to recover stamina! Hashtag Akura bros for Rise!)

56. Akura Jebia (Same as Vashimu. What's going against these two as picks have to be the probable inclusion of D. Hermitaur and S. Ceanatuar. Akura Bros would be seen as too familiar if included to which I'd disagree but just speculating on why they wouldn't make it in)


57. Taikun Zamuza (if the Akura Bros design makes them ill fitting for any of the maps in Rise then Zamuza deserves a chance to shine! The original armor monster before the likes of Kulve Tarroth and Shara Ishvalda, this bad boy packs enough punch to change the battle arena similar to a fighting game! This monster is hype and I would love to see it in Rise!

58. Forokururu (Would probably need a name change but otherwise this monster is spectacular to behold and would be a nice avian addition to the main line games. Also, they already have flowers and such in Rise so mechanically this could affect the battle in interesting ways. Or maybe we’ll see a spiritual successor to this monster based on the japanese hummingbird hawk moth! That’d be fantastic too!)

59. Gogomoa (Such a unique fight mechanically it would be a shame to not see something similar in one of the mainline games )

60. Gougarfs (My personal favorite to be added to Rise. Would love, again, at least something similar mechanically added. Team attacks at this level need to happen in the mainline games!

61. Bulldrome (While a memorable monster and with the appearance of one solitary bullfango so far, I still doubt this simplistic beast will make it back into Rise unless it's reworked which would destroy its charm. I think a spiritual successor that is also a boar is more likely given the Japanese mythological background)

And then there’s mine and I’m sure many others theory on the stickers. The theory is simple: in the collector's edition of the game there is a monster icon sticker pack included. 10 slots in total with 6 to be revealed. I believe the 6 other slots to be revealed are all in fact new monsters. That’d mean at least 10 new monsters plus the designated finale boss. And with Great Izuchi’s sticker missing from said pack there could even be more new monsters let us hope!

Notable Absentees: Great Jagras, Volvidon, Dodogama, the rest of the Fated Four, Teostra, Lunastra, Kushala Daora, Namielle, Velkhana, Nergiggante, and**…Uragaan.**

Great Jagras seems confirmed from the jagras pack in one of the gameplay videos but that would mean another low level monster when there appears to already be so many and there was no Great Jaggi in Generations and GU despite there being Jaggi's and Jaggia so I’m going to predict he won’t make it in.

I feel like Volvidon won't be included simply due to it, again, being another low level monster. An argument could be made for him being the low level monster of the lava area equivalent to Dodogama and he would complete the trio of Arzuros, Lagombi, and itself. So we'll see.

And speaking of Dodogama, I feel like it'd be either him or Volvidon to be included if at all. So which one would you guys pick?

The rest of the Fated Four are most likely going to be in the expansion for the game if at all. I feel like Mizutsune will get all the attention in Rise like Glavenus did in Iceborne. But not gonna lie, I do want to see some Gammoth turf wars!

I feel like Teostra, Lunastra, and Kushala Daora especially have seen enough time in the spotlight and are overdue for a break. Given their prominence in the previous games, (minus Lunatra) they’re like the Ratholos’s and Diablos of Elder Dragons, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they make it in but I will be ever so slightly disappointed. Other elders need more exposure and the series as a whole needs a breather from these memorable monsters. I know I do!

And now for my reasons why almost all the new Elders in 5th gen won’t be in Rise hahah:

As for Namielle and Velkhana, I'm strictly eliminating them due to performance issues I feel seem apparent when adding these two to an objectively less powerful gaming device such as the Switch. I would love to be wrong though!

And finally Nergigante. I feel story wise in World that he saw enough screen time and adding him into another 5th gen game storyline would be overdone. He could just be an endgame beast to fight or make a suitable cameo at the end of the story that I think would make sense. Overall though, I feel like the story of Rise will try to try to establish its own titular baddies like Magnamalo.

And…Uragaan. Just plz not this game.

That's all folks! I'm sure biome wise there are some gaps power level wise but I'm hoping the new monsters fill those in. And I’m sure at my predicted 57-59 monsters that’s a little more than standard for vanilla MH games, so with that said some of these predictions may in fact end up in the expected expansion. I feel, though, that every prediction has a fantastic chance of appearing and will be surprised if my list is greatly wrong as time will tell us. Again, let me know what you guys think! Any other improbable monsters you want to see in Rise? Anything I missed? This has been a lot of fun compiling and I can't wait for us all to get our hands on Rise! The hunt must continue!

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