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My Endgame Builds HR181+

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Hello all, just wanted to share my endgame builds since I don't see alot of "builds post" I've been playing MH since the MHFreedom on PSP and I am currently HR 181, these are the sets I use frequently. I will give a brief explanation of each set and decorations required.

GS Full DPS This is my go to set for GS, I have tried Val GS with attack augment and Barroth GS with attack/affinity augments and they do not compete with Jagras GS. As you can see this set goes for MAX DPS, it is not noob friendly because of no Defensive skills. You will need to be on point with your tackles to avoid roars etc. Focus is left out because it barely affects charge time and you will be going for mostly TCS's. Can be paired with Evasion and RockSteady Mantle.

Decorations * Elementless * Critical Boost x3 * Tenderizer * Attack x2 * Attack x2 augment and Affinity Augment

Hammer DPS I mainly use this set to speed run elder dragons. Sharp jewel to keep white sharpness up and Evasion and Rocksteady to make up for no Defensive skills.

Decorations * Elementless * Challenger * Sharp * Tenderizer * Expert * Attack * Attack and Affinity Augment

DualBlades YOLO DPS I've tried many DB builds like infinite White sharpness, Lifeleech and Raw DB, but they don't feel as strong or fun as this build. With Nerg Set skill and Health regen augment you can go YOLO with your dps while also fully utilizing the Peak Performance skill and once the boss is Raged you get that sweet Agitator boost and Sharp jewel to maintain White sharpness. The goal of this set is to never stop swinging, Evasion and Rocksteady recommended for full YOLO DPS.


Decorations * Flawless * Challenger x2 * Tenderizer * Sharp * Attack * Health Regen Augment

Gunlance Burst shelling Burst Shelling set with Attack skills to fully utilize the GL swings. Spam Upswing > Slam > Burst > Side swing > Quick Reload > Repeat.

Decorations * Magazine * Artillery x3 * Sharp * Tenderizer * Attack x2 * Vitality * Attack and Affinity Augment

Gunlance Charge Shelling/Tank Made this set after seeing Focus affect charge shelling. Literally a walking tank spamming shots, all you do with this set is spam charged shots and poke a little for some Blast procs but other than that just keep shooting Charged shots lol. Each charged shot does 100-110 dmg to any part of the monster.

Decorations * Charger * Brace * Artillery x3 * Magazine * Ironwall x2

Lance General Purpose It attac! but also proteccc! General use Lance set with necessary Attack and Guard Skills. Can switch out Elementless Jewel for Release(Free Elem) Jewel for Paralyze status.

Decorations. * Challenger * Attack x2 * Ironwall x2 * Tenderizer * Shield * Elementless (swap for Release Jewel for paralyze status)
* Attack x2 Augment and Affinity augment

Thats most of my sets, I do have other sets like Bow Dragon Piercer Build and some Odd ball sets if anyone is interested. I will make more sets once I fully understand the other weapons (SNS, CB, SA, LS, HH)

Edit: Added General Purpose Lance set

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