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My experience with tempered kirin

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Here's another "low effort" post from ya boy. This is for the niche group of people that, like me, felt tempered kirin was BS and ENG lightning hell.

I used the dual blades fire and ice, with nerg helm, belt and pants, Teostra gloves and dodogama chest (to up blast). Of course thunder mantle, vitality mantle. You can give palico vigorwasp spray for practice but eventually you will want dps, so I gave mine meowlatove. I'm a gunlance, never played dual blades so basic mhw knowledge should be good enough.

My main strat was to keep him in area 7 as much as possible. Constantly running to use the slope and get the flying spin attack. Running helps you see the field where the lightning is and pick your moment.


Also, pay attention to long casts, as you have a couple seconds afterwards for attacks. In addition, if you can be close to him during his "lightning rivers" attack you get a good 7 seconds of dps. Barrel bomb on knockdown and sleeping.

All I wanted was an approach that was doable in the time limit and would take as much of the frustration out of the encounter. My times dazed or stun were super low due to the mobility.

Last thing. Don't engage on the bluffs above area 7, too close quarters. The plateau South of area 7 is okay but not much lower than that. After he goes to legiana nest you just play super patient, waiting for long casts, or lightning rivers.

I hope this helps somebody. I quit the game because of this and I am so glad I came back and gave it another shot.

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