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My first nergigante hunt – A guide for new players

MonsterHunterWorld3 - My first nergigante hunt - A guide for new players

If you just want the guide, feel free to skip below the line below, I'll waste some time typing a little blog post as intriduction.

I started playing the MH franchise with world, I'm a baby basically. My first Nergigante attempts were traumatizing, I sometimes suddenly wake up at night after having nightmares about his dives.

Recently I've been replaying it with my girlfriend who got it recently and I just love how some of the hunts are challenging even with the improved skills, knowledge helps a lot, but me not being an absolute pro (far from it) makes some hunts still hard and incredibly satisfying.

Her next quest is to kill Nergigante, so I wanted to be prepared and spare her the nightmares. If I remember correctly, some of the things that made this hunt terrible were the stuns caused by both attacks or his roars, so I wanted to avoid this and give us both freedom of movement as much as possible. Nothing sucks more than being stunned and being forced to watch as Nergigante dives on you.

Now that I wasted enough time writing the useless part and wasted time of those who wanted to read it, let's start with the guide.


We need to make sure we can do two quests to get the gear we want:

Bazelgeuse+in+the+Field+of+Fire - My first nergigante hunt - A guide for new players
Bazelgeuse in the field of fire and
Gajalaka+Outbreak! - My first nergigante hunt - A guide for new playersGajalaka outbreak!

The Bazelgeuse quest is obtained after capturing other monsters in side quests, this is the short list of monsters to capture to unlock it:

Snatch the snatcher,
Landing the landslide wyvern,
White+Monster+for+a+White+Coat - My first nergigante hunt - A guide for new playersWhite monster for a white coat
, Man's best fiend.

Keep in mind this list might be inaccurate, I admit to speed things up I'm using my main character with my girlfriend and all my quests were pre-unlocked, if you follow the list and even after that you don't have the quest for bomboi (AKA Bazelgeuse), let me know in a comment and I'll investigate and edit the post.

Gajalaka outbreak! is an arena quest and you should be able to do it without doing much beside going upstairs at the gathering hall and talk to the lady on the left at the counter.

The set

Most pieces will come from Bomboi Bazelgeuse, so we'll need to farm him a fair bit. Another piece should be crafted after we do the gajalaka arena, the last piece is from Barroth, this should be the most straightforward and most simple piece to craft. Nergigante is weakest to thunder, I would suggest crafting a thunder weapon of the type you're most comfortable with. The build is as follows:

Armor piece Gives
Thunder weapon Hurts so good
Bazel helm beta Earplugs+2
Queen+Beetle+Alpha+Armor+Set - My first nergigante hunt - A guide for new playersqueen beetle alpha
Health boost+2 Stun resistance+1
Bazel vambraces alpha Earplugs+1 Critical draw+2
Bazel coil alpha Earplugs+2 Jump master+1
Barroth greaves alpha Stun resistance+2 Marathon runner+1
Health charm2 Health boost+2

You may need to farm a fair bit, but that's how the game just is, however everything in this list should be available to you.


In the end we will have the following skills:

  • Earplugs 5 to prevent his roars from stunning us
  • Health boost 3 to let us take more hits
  • Stun resistance 3 to keep us on the move even after hard hits
  • Bonus, Guts 3, this essentially gives us an extra life

We also get some points in critical draw and >marathon runner>(, plus jump master, these are not as important but what they do is give us extra crit when we draw attack, keeps staming from depleting too much when running and prevents knockback during jumping attacks, which can be nice.

On top of all that, we get at least 3 deco slots, maybe 4 depending by your weapon of choice, I didn't include any decoration in the build because those are very rng to get and I wanted to be sure everything was easy to obtain, relatively at least, but if you have decos that give any of the key skills of the build, maybe you can get something even better that what I suggest here.

Upgrade your armor

It should go without saying, some pieces could do with a generous upgrade, make sure thet the weakest pieces are as upgraded as possible, this can be done at the blacksmith.

Other things to bring

Vitality mantle helps a lot.

Potions, bring mega potions and, just in case, normal potions with honey so you can craft on the go.

Whetfish+Fin - My first nergigante hunt - A guide for new players
Whetfish fin which makes sharpening your weapon much faster and is also very easy to get, I suggest the pond at the center camp in wildspire wastes.

Mega+Demondrug - My first nergigante hunt - A guide for new players
Megademon drug and
Mega+Armorskin - My first nergigante hunt - A guide for new players
mega armorskin or at least the non upgraded versions of them.

Armorcharm - My first nergigante hunt - A guide for new playersArmorcharm and

Powercharm - My first nergigante hunt - A guide for new playersPowercharm and

Power and armor charms can be bought from the vendor that stands on crates to your right when you return from a quest, buy two of each and upgrade one of each to the talon version, keep them in your pouch to have a passive, self explanatory buff.

A little joke

If all else fails, the last tipe I can give one last piece of advice, an advice that I should follow myself in the first place, I'll have someone else explain this last step for me however so here's a

While it was fun to write, this guide might be reworked/improved, if you have anything to suggest leave a comment and I'll try to improve, if you see anything that isn't accurate, again let me know and I'll try to fix it.

EDIT1: Forgot to say to upgrade armor.

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