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My Friends are Bad and so am I (Support Build)

MonsterHunterWorld8 - My Friends are Bad and so am I (Support Build)

Do you hate carting? Do you hate when your blueberries fail your tempered investigation in 30 seconds? Do you want to complete every hunt even if it may take 45 minutes? Are your friends dumb? Do you suck at this game?

If you answered yes to the above questions then this is the build for you!!!!

Image of Build:
e1nmpPx - My Friends are Bad and so am I (Support Build)

I call this build: "My Friends are Bad and so am I". It is near and dear to my heart as my friends and I are dumb-asses who can't dodge monster attacks because usually we are too drunk to even realize what the monster is doing.


  • Defense Boost 7
  • Earplugs 5
  • Wide Range 5
  • Divine Blessing 5
  • Stun Resistance 3
  • Health Boost 3
  • Free Meal 3
  • Speed Eating 3
  • Flinch Free 2
  • Tremor Resist 2 (Mantle)
  • Maintenance 2 (Mantle)


  • As Long as it isn't a one shot you can keep the blueberries from becoming blueberry juice.
  • All you have to do is be in the same arena as your blueberries and make sure the green bars on the side of your screen don't turn red or disappear by hitting Square, X, or E. Your drunk Nan could probably do it.
  • Will lengthen your game time significantly, especially if your friends are bad, which is ideal with everyone in quarantine! You don't want to complete the new content too fast!


  • NONE!!!!!
  • Sometimes blueberries are destined to be blueberry juice and ruin your 45 min hunt by getting one shot a third time by some pushover bitch ass mother fucking my-little-pony wannabe or King-Kong's little-man-syndrome cousin.

Commonly Asked Questions (CAQ):

  • What element should I use on my weapon?
    • If your friends are bad enough it doesn't matter what element, you just have two more four slots and can practice social distancing in game! HOW EXCITING! Games are getting more immersive every day!
  • Can I use hunting horn?
    • Sure, just be aware that blueberries will immediately shove their controllers up their asses the second you commit to an animation. They will then get to call what ever monster they were fighting "daddy" and get carted home because they got their cheeks clapped to next week.
  • Can I run this build SOLO?
    • Sure! However, I recommend taking out your friendship jewels and then smashing your face into your monitor until you fall asleep; it is a much quicker way to reach the same emotional and physical state.
  • Do I have to run Defense 7?
    • No, you can run whatever you want! For instance I run Paralysis Resist and Hard Thunder Resist against Kirin and that pony still shits on me.


  • "Thanks for the help!" – Every Blueberry ever at least 50 times a hunt.
  • "Twandle. Twandle! TWANDLE!!!" – Me, a bow main who can't solo a pony on HR despite having the best MR gear in the game.
  • "I can't heal you that fast!" – Twandle, my friend who I make support me because I suck.
  • " あなたはゴミです " – All the Japanese players.
  • "I am losing my mind in quarantine" – Me, right now.


This is the Best Fucking Build EVER! Seriously though, I haven't seen a pure support build since before Safi Jiva and I know there are some groups that would be able to clear content if they just had a good support on their team. If any youtuber's want to throw this up as a support build so it is easier to find then go for it, a name drop would be nice but not necessary. If y'all have any suggestions for the build let me know, always looking to improve.

EDIT: DEFENSE 7 is part of the Joke, I feel weird having to mention it because I put it in CAQ section (I guess it didn't land, mb), you should run a Hard ele resists/blight resists for whichever monster you are fighting. Hard Thunder Resist and Para Resist for Kirin, Hard Thunder and Hard water and you get a flex gem slot for Namiel, etc. This is a pure Support build, if you don't have trouble playing with damage skills and support skills then you probably aren't bad like my friends and I.

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