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My hope for element to change in later MH games

MonsterHunterWorld3 - My hope for element to change in later MH games

please read my comment as your concerns may be answered 🙂

Few weapons should actually want raw besides the slow ones imo. This is a flaw with world's overall design and hopefully I can address that.

The game gives so much surface level focus to element, yet it's useless for most weapons and you're better off using raw.

It's just messy.

Longsword has a nerfed elemental modifier on helm splitter. Wyrmstake has no element or status applied leaving it useless. The only good charge level elemental modifier in this game is bow and that's way overturned. Power phial is the only useful SA phial. the list goes on.

This game should be rewarding you for going out of your way for a weapon matching the weakness of a monster, but in only a few weapon types does this happen where it isn't severely crippled with nerfed modifiers

To fix this we would need to alter the way we deal with element in comparison to raw, and even how skills should hopefully be prioritized.


  1. a weapon in each element that works like jho, where it is the best when against a monster weakest to it (they shouldn't be carbon copies with a different element type pasted on but you know what I mean, give us more relevant elemental weapons) for now this is sort of fixed due to kulve, but hopefully in the future games witn a larger roster we won't need kulve for that variety

  2. balance the weapon so we are encouraged to boost its elemental properties, instead of it being a tiny perk, make it worth while and possible to buff effectively with both raw and elemental skills

  3. just let all items that boost raw boost element as well in some small way, that small change may be enough to give these weapons a more obvious edge.

  4. get rid of the strange nerfs that target moves that elemental benefits from (helmsplitter, wyrmstake, etc.) . My changes may be enough to cause the nerfs to be needed, but as the game stands now they are screwing over many weapons.

  5. Give us back the element up skill, give us augmentable element up and elemental up gun mods to expand on what we can harness element with.

  6. Elementless, in this world might actually be okay, it could allow the raw weapons that are now subpar in meta, to at least keep up, so those who haven't gotten all the good elemental weapon they want can still keep up in some capacity.


All of this will give all players incentive to create varied elemental weapons in more weapon types.

and yes, that means each weapon in the end has 5 meta weapons instead of one, switched between each quest, but it also means that more weapons that aren't meta will be generally closer.

It also means that it pays off to get the best mixed element and raw weapon, and to make the perfect set that compliments that weapon specifically in some balance of "mostly boosting element, or mostly boosting raw" for the vertex of the highest damage.

right now it's "oh it's the one with the biggest numbers and white sharpness" for most, which can be fine but shouldn't be the best weapon, as it is simplistic, and literally ignores half of the mechanics that go into weapons and monster match ups (in theory): element.

in world a player moves through the story with a trusty iron or bone weapon, but once at the end game… we usually get a high raw/sharpness weapon. You fight diablos or whatever and you're done.

in a perfect world (literally) end game is where you branch out and you're grinding for jewels (which should not be as bad as it is today, still a perfect world here), boosting raw and element, and over time you can sort of flip everything on it's head.

you distance yourself from your fairly good raw weapon, and can start to target getting the really strong elemental weapons, and it gives you something more to strive for even in meta, as you now have all the weaknesses covered, there's something about creating a good elemental SnS of all 5 elements that makes me feel satisfied.

In new MH games, we will see even more variety, I want to be able to use that!

it isn't much, yes, but it's just a little bit more to fuel me to fight different monsters, get different weapons, and collect a build for every situation.

One issue I can see is raw falls behind too much, so now slow, heavily raw focused weapons underperform over all. but it is far easier to buff their motion values and help them compare since raw alone is far simpler than element and more easily balanced.

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