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I was talking about this with my wife last night. Here's what I came up with.

Just a warning, this turned into a wall of text while I wasn't looking.

An Equal Dragon Weapon has gone rogue. Research teams found another one in some ancient ruins, and this one isn't dead. Just dormant. They start prodding around and activate it. It's programming is corrupt. After all these years, it no longer seeks to protect humanity. It's running on the blended malice of dozens of elder dragons that were slaughtered to create it.

It completely eradicates the research team.

Now they've comissioned an assault on the thing. The sort of operation like you make against Zorah Magdaros, or like they say they'll put up against Ceadeus. Lots of hunters and resources to overwhelm the overwhelming.

Scouts are tracking it, and it's moving to exit the valley it was found in. It's moving erratically, with random stops and starts, but on average it's still gonna leave that valley and break out into the wider world. The Guild of Hunters is determined not to let that happen.

They move in and start setting up fortifications. The engineers are doing their best, but they're harassed by predators. We get introduced to the hunters individually while they clear out predator packs. Soon another problem rises. An apex predator has been drawn to all the activity and the smell of blood. The group of hunters out on duty have to band together and fight the approaching threat. Probably a Rathalos, cause it's the OG apex.

They aren't expecting it to be tempered.

It nearly kills them, but in the end they manage to take it down. One guy has to be evacuated, so we get to see the cart in action. The lead palico has to be voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. I am adamant on this.

The fortifications are almost complete. But as everyone celebrates the victory over the Rathalos, the party is brought to a halt by a terrifying sight. One by one, the members of the assault commission turn to stare. Standing on a rise, silhouetted against the falling sun, they see their target. Motionless. Massive. A hideous amalgam of familiar shapes welded together in blasphemous ways. Just the shadow is enough to strike terror. No one moves as the sun slides down. Then, just as the mountains cut off the light, the Weapon steps down from the rise. The nightmare us coming, and the darkness follows.

In the morning the scouts report that it's heading straight for the fortifications.

Plans have to be adjusted. Some things have to be rushed, others have to be scrapped. It hurts the battle plan.

The hunter team that brought down the Rathalos is dispatched to delay the Weapon. Do what damage they can, run it in circles for a while, then fall back. It's risky, but doable if they don't get trapped.

In the ruins of a small city, they plant bombs to bring down walls for crushing traps. They improvise shrapnel cannons in another choke point using broken chips of stone and glass set over some more explosives at the base of some old pipework buried in the ground. They figure to hit it with their traps, harass with fire from the gunner, maybe get a few licks in with the melee weapons, and bug out.

A good plan. But the best laid plans of mice and monster hunters often go awry. Sometimes, the unforseen intrudes. And in this universe of Monster Hunter, that can only mean one thing.


The scouts missed its approach, too focused on the Weapon. The Team only notices any thing's wrong when a bunch of creatures stream through the streets below their positions, running TOWARD the weapon. They turn just in time to see the gnarled form of the glutton king erupt from the surrounding jungle.

A chase ensues. The Team tries to duck dodge and dash their way through the buildings and streets, but Jho is hot on their trail. Eventually they lure it into their crush trap, and drop a couple of tons of masonry on it. It looks like they won.

Then they notice the red glow.

Jho's not dead. He's furious.

It blasts from the debris with a roar and a cloud of dust, and unleashes a crackling blast of dragon energy that sweeps across the area, bringing down buildings.

Jho steps forward, and The Team prepares for a hardcore thrash.

They don't get one. Jho does. The Weapon arrives. It kicks Jho aside, and turns on The Team. They're trapped.

Just as it looks like they're about to get taken out, dragon energy sweeps over the Weapon, boiling flesh and scorching armor. Jho is not done.

The Team manages to escape, with scenes of Jho and the Weapon fighting in the background, and narrowly escaping collateral damage status. In the end, the Weapon easily finishes the Deviljho, and resumes it's march.

The Team make it back and report.

They didn't buy enough time.

Most of the cannons are in place, but the dragonator isn't fully installed. It'll take another day. They don't have that long.

All the support staff are ordered to evacuate, but the engineering team refuses the orders, working furiously to get the dragonator operational.

In the light of early morning, the Weapon arrives.

The engineers are almost finished with the dragonator, but they need a couple of more hours. If the dragonator fires now, it'll destroy it's mechanisms, and there no follow up shot.

The Assault Commission opens fire. Cannons, ballistae, Wyvernsnipe shots, cluster bombs, the works. Chip damage against the Weapon. It retaliates with focused beam shots, blasting through the palisades and fortifications, vaporizing hunters. It crushes others with feet and tail.


The Team knows they need that dragonator. They start running suicide attacks against the Weapon, hitting it wherever they can. They notice the charred armor and hide from the Deviljho attack, and gamble on a longshot. The gunner manages to lodge a ballista bolt in the warped seam next to the armor. The Team's gunlancer rigs his shield over over the barrel of his lance, and begins to charge a Wyvern's Fire shot. Just as it blasts out, the hammer man leaps onto the shield, surfing the blast and catapulting off of it to land an earthshaking hit on the ballista bolt, driving it like a nail deep into the Weapon's flank.

The Weapon stumbles in agony. The moment of hope is killed a-borning as it turns and snatches the hammer man from its side and crushes down with steel jaws, thrashing side to side. As the hammer man's armor fails, pieces are littered across the zone. His hammer is tossed into the sky, and lands like a comet on the battlements as the Weapon turns it's maw skyward to swallow the crushed morsel in its mouth.

It turns it's eyes to the rest of The Team. It recognizes them. And it hates them.

It begins to focus its attacks on them. They fight as best they can, buying time. Meanwhile the remaining artillery pound at the wounded flank any time they get a shot. The Weapon is steadily more damaged. Things look good.

The Weapon unveils a new function. With a roar, it fires off clouds of dust. The motes of dust quickly grow hot and bright. Hunters scatter for cover as the dust explosion shatters the atmosphere.

The damage to the fortifications is immense. Sections collapse. The casualties among the Assault Commission are catastrophic. Those not killed outright are rendered ineffective by wounds. The Team's gunner is dead, her armor and body crushed between the wall of the fortification and a fallen cannon hurled by the blast. The gunlancer is close by, badly stunned. He got his shield up in time, but the sheer force of the blast threw him through the air. He can't find his lance, or his breath. Hearing a sound, he looks up. The Weapon peers down at him through broken battlements, it's talons descending in a raging death blow. The gunlancer raises his shield, but cannot turn a blow that rends stone, earth, and timber.

The Weapon has not come through unscathed. It is smoking, burning in some places. It's armor is scorched and buckled. One arm is useless and bone, welded together with steel, is visible on part of its jaws where the flesh was peeled away entirely.

It's steps don't falter, though. It begins to tear down the partially – broken walls with its good arm, enlarging a gap so that it can escape.

The last surviving member of The Team staggers through the ruined battlefield, using his broken greatsword as a crutch. He is covered in burns. His armor, where it isn't simply broken, has melted. Blood trickles from his ears, and the corner of his mouth. It covers his hands, making the handle of his weapon slick.

Through clinched teeth, he mutters a single word with grim determination. "…dragonator.." The Weapon is almost lined up with the point of the massive spear. All he has to do is get there, and get its attention somehow. Insult its mom or something…

He narrowly avoids a landslide of debris as the Weapon continues to work on its escape. He's so close, but there are no stairs or ladders he can use to get to the dragonator platform. All destroyed. He spots a lifting platform, loaded with cannonballs, still sitting at ground level. The ropes are frayed, but holding between the counterweight and the load.

He steps onto the platform, grabs the rope, and with a shudder, uses what's left of his blade to cut the rope away from the platform. He is lifted far too quickly, and slammed into the top of the lift at high speed. Gasping in agony, he manages to swing himself over to the floor. He makes his way to the dragonator. The engineering team is a pile of charred corpses, but the firing mechanism of the dragonator shows that it's ready to fire.

As he takes a laborious step toward the firing lever, the platform shakes and falling debris crushes the swordsman's leg. He's stuck.

Gritting his teeth, he begins to yell. Stupid stuff. Stuff that makes no sense. The weapon is about as scary as a half – grown Jaggi with flowers for teeth. It looks like a soaking – wet Palico in mixed armor. He knew a chef that could bench press more. Whatever came to mind.

The Weapon heard. It turned, and bent low to investigate the noise. It lined up with the dragonator.

The swordsman smiled. "God you're dumb. They scrape your brains off a barroth's ass?"

The remains of his greatsword smacked into the Weapon's face, having tripped the trigger on the way by. The mechanisms in the dragonator whir for a moment, then clunk to a stop.

The Weapon opens it's mouth to blast the swordsman to atoms. With an oath, the swordsman slams his fist into the side of the dragonator. With a clunk, the firing process resumes. The spear crashes through the Weapon's chest armor, fatally wounding it.

With a howl of rage, it charges another beam attack. Looking into the swirling energy gathering to obliterate him, the swordsman grinns.

The beam slag the dragonator, and blasts through the back of the wall.

The Weapon staggers back to the hole in the wall, the cut off shaft of the spear still sticking out of its chest. It takes two more swipes at the hole with it's claws, and slumps over dead.

Roll credits.

Anyway, I think that's a better movie than what they apparently have planned. You guys?

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