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My idea for a Nergigante subspecies

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Just a quick overview of how I thought about this subspecies before I start. Nergigante is my absolute favourite monster and I've loved him purely for how he dominates other elder dragons with nothing but pure force. But a thought crossed my mind, what if I were to give him an element and a twist of lore like one Rajang has? This is the Result!

Devourer Nergigante
In game lore: A subspecies of Nergigante that gain uncanny dragon element by eating countless elder dragons. They are able to channel this dragon element into their harden spikes.

Description: This version of Nergigante is able to harness dragon element into their hardened spikes and use it against hunters and monsters alike. Throughout the majority of the fight, it will do everything a normal Nergigante would. However, once a body part's spikes turn black, Devourer Nergigante is able to charge up (similar to how Zinogre and Lunastra charge up) dragon element into this specific body part. Once it is charged, any attack that contacts the ground will cause a small explosion of dragon element outwards from the body part. On attacks that would cause Nergigante's spikes to explode out damaging the player (The standing ground slam, flying ground slam and superman dive) Devourer Nergigant's spikes do not do this. These specific attacks are instead accompanied with a very large blast of dragon element. After Devourer Nergigante has successfully performed a superman dive though, all spikes will vanish like normal.


Fire: One star.
Water One star.
Ice: One star.
Thunder: Three star.
Dragon: No star. (Immune)
Poison: Three star.
Sleep: Three star.
Paralysis: Three star.
Blast: Two star.
Stun: Two star.

Side notes: Devourer Nergigante's two large horns on its head now also hardened (turn black) causing its headbutt attacks to let out a small explosion of dragon element once contacted with the ground. Devourer Nergigante's colour scheme is still the same, that being its signature black body but it now has crimson red veins running all over it. When Devourer Nergigante's spikes are present, hardened or not, they too will be covered with red vein-like lines. When Devourer Nergigante is enraged, its entire body will start emitting dragon element out from it. This does not damage the player but will inflict them with dragon blight if they stand close to it long enough. Devourer Nergigante cannot charge up multiple body parts at once, it must do them individually. The charge time is short however but can be interrupted easily. Devourer Nergigante can inflict dragon blight with all dragon element attacks. Devourer Nergigante is noticeably larger than Nergigante but not so much that it makes it look small. This subspecies is much weaker to certain status effects.

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I hope you've enjoyed my idea! Tell me in the comments your thoughts and some of your own ideas for a Nergigante subspecies!
PS: Sorry if my formatting is a bit weird, first time doing a post like this.

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