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By now, I expect most of us have seen the trailers for Paul W.S Anderson's Monster Hunter movie, and a lot of us are fully expecting it to be a trainwreck. Personally, while I don't expect it to be a good film, or adaptation, I don't think it's necessarily unsalvageable. So, I thought it would be fun to go over what I think could save this movie and make it, maybe not good, but at least enjoyable.

A few things before I start.

  1. I'm not going to exclude anything that's been in the promotional materials. Even if I don't mention it, it will still be in this hypothetical script. Also, while I have seen both trailers and some of the interviews, I haven't seen everything, so I apologise if there's something I missed.

  2. I'm a relatively recent fan of the series (Having only played since 4U), so I'm sorry if I get something wrong about the lore.

  3. I'm going to be taking some ideas from Gaijin Hunter's video on the movie. He's got some good ideas, which I think could work.

The film starts off with a military team led by Natalie Artemis (Milla Jovovich), being sucked into another world while investigating the disappearance of Bravo Team. They get attacked by a Diablos, but escape with the intervention of the Monster Hunter (Tony Jaa).

With their vehicles trashed, and most of their heavy weapons either destroyed or low on ammo, they decide to make camp for the night. Unfortunately they're attacked by Nerscylla, leaving them in an even worse situation. They're saved by some Wyverian researchers who take them back to their home: a small village on the edge of civilisation.

They arrive at the village, and the film takes a few minutes to let the audience and characters catch their breath, taking in this new world and adding a little comic relief with the military meeting Felynes for the first time. In the middle of this, Artemis spots the Hunter among the crowd and follows him to his home. After a brief misunderstanding, he and Artemis hit it off, she explains how she got to their world and asks for his help.

The Hunter trains Artemis, and her surviving team members, but they have some difficulty learning to use his strange, seemingly mystical weapons. In between these lessons, the main cast get to know the locals a little better and we learn that the village used to be protected by the Hunters parents, before they were tragically killed. We also learn that, while the monsters were always dangerous, they seem to have become especially hostile in recent years.


Later, Artemis goes investigating in the dunes, having heard that a third squadron has been dragged into the MH world. They pick her up, but get attacked by the Greater Rathalos. Artemis is saved by the Hunter, who seems to hold some kind of grudge against this monster. Having just barely survived, the Hunter reveals that Rathalos is responsible for the death of his parents.

Back in town, the researchers, having gone over the information given to them by the military, deduce that the portal was opened by some mystical totems, located in an ancient tower, up in the mountains. And, of course, the Greater Rathalos has made it's nest there. Realising the havoc these monsters could wreak on Earth, Artemis, The Hunter, and the few surviving soldiers gear up to take Rathalos on, arming themselves with the Hunters weapons and even repurposing one or two broken firearms into bowguns.

On their way through the jungle, the group encounters the Handler, on her run from another attack by the Rathalos. Several people are wounded, and/or killed, including the Hunter. In a moment of desperation, Artemis masters the Dual Blades and the Rathalos is forced to retreat. She follows it all the way to the tower, where she finally slays the beast and closes the portal. With her crewmates either dead, or back on Earth, Artemis chooses/has to stay behind.

A few days later, Artemis and the Hunter are approached by the Handler. She thanks them for saving her, commends them on slaying the Greater Rathalos, and says there's some people who want to meet Artemis. She's taken outside, where she meets a team of men and women, decked out in armour made from the hides of various monsters. They introduce themselves as the Hunter's Guild, and we end the movie with the camera panning over the forest, featuring cameos from several popular monsters from the games while Proof of a Hero plays us out.

After the credits, Artemis asks the Guild what happened to make the monsters go berserk, and we get a quick sequence of Gore Magala flying over the land, setting us up for a sequel in the vain of Monster Hunter 4.

And that's my best case scenario for the upcoming MH Movie. I know the end result probably won't look like that, but I thought it would be fun to speculate. If you have your own thoughts on what could save this movie, please don't be afraid to share them.

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