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My ideas on how to improve tenderizing/clutch claw

MonsterHunterWorld10 - My ideas on how to improve tenderizing/clutch claw

Let me start by saying the point of this idea is to make tenderizing a comparable option to combos when a monster is immobile (para,KO,topple,etc)

At the moment most people in online hunts just dont tenderize parts. Tenderizing is a hassle for all weapons without using rockseady or temporal mantles, and moreso in multiplayer due to the monsters attacking more and unpredictably. This is somewhat alleviated for heavy weapons in single player due to slower more predictable patterns, but also because of the clutch claw openings, but light weapons still need to use 2 openings to tenderize.

So how do we fix it? Well heres 3 things i would do;

1: add more types of dropped slinger ammo, we have 4 types of dropped slinger ammo from monsters; dragon, bomb, thorn, and peirce pods. With master rank guiding lands barroth sometimes naturally drops a new kind of slinger ammo called mossy mudclumps, which turn into puddlepods(yes like watermoss). We already have pods that are semi tied to each element except thunder; torch pods are obviously fire based, crystalburst are found in the elders recess but they are also what you get from picking up a snow beetles snowball, puddle pods are water based, and dragon pods are dragon based. So we could have each type of elemental pod, and maybe a non elemental splinter pod with higher capacity.


2: deminish the gap between heavy and light weapons, both weapons tenderize and drop slinger ammo when you claw attack, with heavy weapons dropping less abbundant guarunteed flinch ammos (thorn pods, bomb pods, peirce pods etc) and light weapons dropping the elemental/abbundant ammos (dragon pods, mossy mudclumps, etc)

3: make tenderizing either last 2 minutes instead of 90 seconds, make a skill that increases the time a part is tenderized, or make completely broken parts become permanantly tenderized until the hunt is over (parts that require 2 breaks like most of barroth, velkhanas head, odogarrons tail, etc, must be broken twice for it to be permanantly tenderized)

These 3 things would give you more benefit to tenderizing when a monster is immobile, and the benefits would last longer. the reason many people dont tenderize in multiplayer is because dpsing when a monster is immobile is generally better for the heavy weapons and takes too long for light weapons. With the difference in claw attacks being slinger ammo, rather than the large gap we have now, claw attacks give heavy weapons ways to get openings on faster monsters, and lighter weapons get slinger ammos to use in their combos/flinch shotting monsters. And with completely brpken parts you can either go for a specific part the whole run and go as fast as possible, or you can focus on breaking parts instead to make things an easier overall fight.

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