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Monster Hunter World is a great game, but no game is perfect, as such I intend to list my issues with the game and hear others opinions about them. Before I start I'd like to explain my point of view for further understanding. I started playing monster hunter with MHTri after a friend recommmend the game to me and it quickly became one of my favourite series to date. I bought both my 3DS and PS4 only to play monster hunter and easily got my moneys worth just with MH. I'm mostly playing solo or team up with randoms online and most of my motivation to play comes from crafting new builds and testing new weapons instead of improving myself. So while I'm interesetd in what speedrunners are doint, I'm not interested in speedrunning myself.


WIth this here are my issues with MHW in no particular order:

1. Non Elemental Boost shouldn't be a decoration

At least not in its current state. It is the corner stone of the strongest builds for most weapons and even though those builds aren't that much stronger than many non elemental builds (once you factor in other raw buffs the 10% weapon raw buff are closer to a 4-5% true raw buff on diablos weapons), NEB has a huge impact on the "meta". In addition its percentage scaling makes it more beneficial for already powerful weapons (mainly diablos, which would be the best weapon for many types even without NEB), instead I'd prefer to see it being a flat 10 or 15 raw on a non elemental weapon. If possible I'd even prefer this decoration being removed or swapped with the diablos 2 piece bonus, less because of its power, but because it appears to be the far and beyond most powerful option out there.

2. Tempered Monsters are too easy

This doesn't count tempered deviljho, I like him, but making all tempered monsters that hard would be too much. The main point of tempered monsters easy difficulty comes from the fact, that they've got the same health pool as non tempered monsters. Generations hyper mosnters are the closest we have to tempered and they are much better. Just like tempered monsters they don't require any new mechanic to beat them (wystones are dumb) and deal a lot more damage, but the main difference comes from their increased health, this makes them a lot better than tempered monsters. Once we start fighting our first tempered mosnters our gear should be better than the first time we fought the same monster as a non tempered version, it's strange how this harder version actually takes less time to kill than our first meeting with a non tempered version (same health pool, but we deal more damage).

3. Rocksteady Mantle is OP

I could include evasion mantle in this, but from a non speedrunner perspective rocksteady is much more of an issue. The evasion mantle makes evading easier and rewards you for succesfull evades, I think this is fine as it rewards good gameplay, it might need a numerical adjustement, but it's fine from a mechanical perspective. Rocksteady mantle on the other hand encourages bad gameplay and can't be adjusted through numbers, it's mechanic of ignoring everything around you shouldn't exist. Earplugs, tremor resistance and the like are all nice, blocking or evading a diablos charge is how it should be, but simply ignoring a charging diablos and going on with your business as usual shouldn't be possible (stuff like GS tackle is fine as you have to do something to get the immunity).


4. Tempered Monsters lack variety

This includes the total number of tempered monsters, but this is in general another issue, I'm talking more about why should I hunt tempered rathalos instead of tempered diablos or tempered kushala instead of tempered teostra? Why can't there be a third armor set for tempered monsters similar to the R-series in MHGen? I'd be fine with this new armor series having the B look and skills but those being mixed up (the new nergigante helm having the skills and slot of the nergigante boots B and so on), this would introduce more options for mixed sets without making the A and B series obsolet.


5. Augmenting shouldn't cost monster gems

It already takes enough time to get those streamstones, we shouldn't also need to farm for gems.

6. Tempered monsters are the hardest versions of any monster, but aren't the most rewarding

WIth this I'm talking about monster materials, mainly gems. I'd like to see a new reward category with a higher dropchance for rare materials on tempered monsters. Just like bronze, silver and gold, this new reward and the current purplereward should both appear on tempered monsters and make up the 2 to 5 reward slots they provide. I dislike how if I want to hunt for specific materials, which is the case most of the time, I'm not hunting tempered monsters, but regualr ones.

7. Decoration farming is boring

There are very few decorations with an impact on your playstyle, out of my head I can only name protective polish, guard up and bow charge up that influence the way you play. While there are many other strong decorations that one rejoices over getting, like the first NEB, spread or rapid up, most are boring. Even though everyone is looking for those attack gems, getting a single one won't affect you in anyway. Once you have a large collection of decorations you can work and build around them, before they are more filler material. If you happen to get a lot of WE decorations early one you might want to build around them, but getting a single such decoration early on doesn't feel impressive enough. With kulve tarroth capcom showed us a very nice relic system and I'd like to see this widened to include armor pieces. DIfferent from MH4U where you needed several relic pieces to activate a skill and build a set, the skill system in world would allow every single piece of relic armor you get to have an impact on your builds and different from decorations every single relic could have a major impact and not just after getting a large collection of relics. I have no perfect idea for how those relics might look, but I'd have something like a dragonking eyepatch with an additional point of stun resistance or defense in mind, in rare cases maybe one point of crit eye or thunder attack and in super rare cases a level 2 slot. For teostra arms A instead of adding a level 1 slot/skill maybe remove the existing level 1 slot and add a level 2 slot/skill. In addition to adding skills/slots maybe chagne the appearance, getting an eyepatch that looks like the great girros or diablos helm would be cool.

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8. Most weapons look boring

When I first heard about how the design of our weapons change the more we upgrade them, I quite liked this idea. But so far there are way to few final weapon desings in the game, most weapons still look like regular iron or bone weapons with a few scales and horns added here and there.

9. Most investigation rewards make no sense to me

Why does investigation 1 give me 2 rewards for a 15min 2 faint quest, while investigation 2 gives me 4 rewards for a 50 minute 3 faint quest, with both quests being the same monster? Shouldn't the investigations with harsher requirements give better rewards?

10. Please give me my rapidfire explosion michael bay light bowgun

I miss the ability to rapidfire explosions.


This are my current issues with the game I can think of, I'm sure there are a few more major points I dislike, but can't name right now, and I know of several smaller details I'm not satisfied with I don't want to list in this post.

Finally I want to say this again: I'm a huge fan of monster hunter and if I wouldn't enjoy world I wouldn't think this deeply about what I dislike about the game and how I'd like to see this changed.

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