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My min-maxed Comfy Horn build

MonsterHunterWorld10 - My min-maxed Comfy Horn build

Are you tired of speedrunner builds that disregards survivability?
Do you want to be able to farm tempered monsters while watching videos on second monitor?
Do you know how tanky you can get with only a tiny sacrifice to damage?

Then this build might be for you, fellow maestro!
I wanted to share my endgame build, before Iceborne completely invalidates it.
Also, I feel like the community needs more builds that are really strong without being targeted at speedrunning.
This build mainly revolves around abusing the fact that Recovery Speed song and Recovery Speed skill stacks, leading to ridiculous recovery when hit, to the point of face-tanking tempered monsters without the need for potions.
You'll also have Attack Boost XL and enough heals to gain the love of your fellow hunters.


  • 100% weak-point affinity without buffs
  • Maxed Critical Boost
  • Maxed Health Boost
  • Maxed Stun Resistance
  • QoL Flinch Free 1
  • Plenty damage
  • Solid amount of white sharpness
  • Ridiculous life recovery
  • No attack jewels needed
  • 500+ Defense without buffs


The gearing is hard to obtain and you'll need a handful of R8 decos. We're talking actual endgame here.


  • Taroth Pipe "Sleep" – Health Regen Augment
    – Alternatively: Bazelreid Rookslayer, this requires handcraft charm and is generally way worse. Good luck farming KT
  • Gala Suit Top Hat
    – Alternatively: Nergigante Helm Beta, requires less decos and is easier to get, only real difference is worse resistances
  • Kulve Taroth's Ire Beta
    – Alternatively: Kulve Taroths Ire Alpha, if you don't have a critical boost jewel.
  • Drachen Vambraces Alpha
  • Vaal Hazak Gamma
  • Nergigante Greaves Gamma
    – Alternatively: Drachen Greaves Alpha for -1 small deco
  • Master's Charm III
    – Alternatively: Exploiter Charm II or Might Charm II can be just as effective and requires less decos


  • 3 Tenderizer Jewel
  • 3 Vitality Jewel
  • 2 Mighty Jewel
  • 1 Elementless Jewel
    – Only works for Taroth Pipe "Sleep"
  • 1 Brace Jewel
  • 1 Critical Jewel
  • 1 Steadfast Jewel
  • 1 Expert Jewel

Final Skill List:

  • Critical Eye Level 6
  • Attack Boost Level 4
  • Stun Resistance Level 3
  • Health Boost Level 3
  • Critical Boost Level 3
  • Weakness Exploit Level 3
  • Recovery Speed Level 2
  • Maximum Might Level 2
  • Dragon Attack Level 1 – Just ignore this one, the gear is still worth it 🙂
  • Flinch Free Level 1
  • Non-elemental Boost Level 1

Final Remarks:

Y u no attack charm!? You already have many sources of added attack, and even without consumables the affinity from Masters's Charm leads to more overall damage than Attack Charm. The Taroth Pipe "Sleep" has a natural 30 white sharpness, which in my opinion does not require any addition Handicraft. Thanks for reading and keep on dooting!

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