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My observations on the state of multiplayer after defeating AT Nergigante around 20 times with randoms.

MonsterHunterWorld4 - My observations on the state of multiplayer after defeating AT Nergigante around 20 times with randoms.

My observations on the state of multiplayer after defeating AT Nergigante around 20 times with randoms.

My character is HR575 and I play Charge Blade, support SnS, and bowguns. All my gear is fully augmented with at least Health Boost +3 in multiplayer. Most my AT Nergigante kills are with Charge Blade. Everytime I use the word "multiplayer" I mean playing with randoms. When I say "randoms" I mean a combination of public online sessions and SoS.

I have 20 multiplayer kills on AT Nergigante.. but that's out of around 100 runs total. Four out of 5 runs ends in failure. Quest failure happens as early as 5 minutes (1st area) and as late as 25 minutes (last area). On average I would say 15 minutes until failure. Average kill time is about 22 minutes in multiplayer. I estimate about 60 minutes of 82 minutes are spent failing AT Nergigante quests in multiplayer. Failure does not just mean 3 faints but also players leaving the quest after the 1st faint, thus the quest leading to abandonment. That is a significant amount of "wasted" time. I probably average 7 out of 8 successful AT Nergigante runs in single player with an average time of 10 minutes. Why do I bother with multiplayer with randoms? That's what I'm beginning to question and what this post addresses.

AT Nergigante has drove home that, for the average player, multiplayer is too difficult at the Arch-Tempered tier. The two largest examples are AT Nergigante and AT Xeno'jiiva, whom I experience the largest amount of multiplayer failures due to careless faints (e.g. one-shots). I would wager across all platforms that 80% of SoS on AT Nergigante and AT Xeno'jiiva end in failure, and within the first 15 minutes. Only Capcom has these metrics but I hope they're observing and tuning accordingly for Iceborne.

Further observations:

  1. Four players, but you still only have 3 faints. Four faints if you get very lucky with Felyne Insurance (a lot of randoms don't even eat, especially after fainting). Recommendation: Arch-Tempered should have at least have 5 faints when playing with randoms.

  2. When a player leaves the quest the monster does not scale down. Players often leave after someone faints, especially if it happens early. Usually on AT Nergigante a player who faints gets frustrated at their faint and leaves, especially after their 2nd faint. Recommendation: Scale difficulty from 2, 3 and 4 players separately. Scale down accordingly.

  3. Two players has the same scaling as four players, despite the significant loss of damage output from 2 additional players. I would love to run two players since it's easier to form and easier when limited by 3 faints, but it requires a lot more time. On AT Xeno'jiiva with 30 minutes it becomes very difficult to pull off. Recommendation: Same as above; scale separately

  4. HR50 is the minimum requirement for Arch-Tempered. This is too low for randoms. I have seen many HR50s join my SoS, and they almost all faint first or multiple times, and within the first 10 minutes. This is not surprising. Capcom is allowing a player who only recently defeated Tempered Kirin, unlocking augmentation, to challenge AT Nergigante in multiplayer with randoms. I have zero issue with HR50 as the minimum for single player or private multiplayer. Multiplayer with randoms is far more difficult given the faint constraints and lack of coordination. Arch-Tempered multiplayer should require, in my opinion, at least HR100. This gives players sufficient time to optimize and augment their builds. Recommendation: Either increase the minimum HR for multiplayer with randoms or increase the faints from 3 to 5 as suggested above.

  5. Most players are not running builds defensive enough for the increased difficulty of AT Nergigante in multiplayer, especially when considering there are only 3 faints for 4 players. I inspect every player who joins my SOS, and of my 100 some runs about 50% are not running at least Health Boost 2. It's particularly confusing when I see players with obviously defensive builds (Stun Resistance, Divine Blessing, Guard, etc.) but don't have Health Boost 3; it's arguably the most important defensive skill you can have as it prevents you from getting one-shot at full HP from the majority of attacks. I give a little leeway to higher ranked players without Health Boost, but not by much as I see HR200+ players faint from one-shots all the time. It really makes me really frown to see HR50s without Health Boost 3. I also see a lot of players running Guard Up which does absolutely nothing for AT Nergigante. I run Guard +1 on my Charge Blade and can guard everything without the need of Guard Up.

If Capcom wants to maintain the difficulty of Arch-Tempered multiplayer with randoms, as in no increasing of faints, they should greatly increase the rewards. Otherwise, I no longer see the reward of running multiplayer with randoms for higher difficulty encounters. Unless tuning is made in Iceborne, I will probably only play single player for Arch-Tempered style content. I really enjoyed playing SnS support in multiplayer, but I cannot heal one-shots and so many players are getting one-shot at full HP in AT Nergigante. I like to think of myself as a skilled player, I faint very infrequently in multiplayer compared to most I play with, but my skill is irrelevant when other players are dying repeatedly to the same careless mistakes 4 out of 5 runs.

The tolerance for mistakes needs to be raised in multiplayer with randoms. Three faints is too few. I would rather have 30 minute quests with 5 faints than 50 minute quests with 3 faints. Out of my 20 multiplayer kills I think only 1 run took longer than 30 minutes to defeat AT Nergigante.

These observations and suggestions only apply to randoms (SoS and public sessions). A coordinated group with squadmates on voice chat will perform far better and will probably not observe these difficulties. For the majority of us who depend on SoS and public online sessions, I strongly believe changes are needed.

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