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My predictions for the monsters coming with Iceborne

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Was just doing some thinking about what monsters we might see in Iceborne and after looking at what we know, I think this is a pretty good guess so I thought I'd share it!

Firstly, let's take a look at all the flagships we have had in the mainline series of Monster Hunter – this list includes flagships in both the West and Japan, since for some titles they were different according to region. The monsters in bold we already have (Or were attempted, in the case of Lagi) in World:


Kushala Daora



Lagiacrus (Was tried in development, but ultimately they decided Lagi didn't work in World. =( )



Gore Magala



Now let's consider that when they're adding returning monsters, they will of course want to add some of the most popular ones (Which by no coincidence, a lot of those are previous flagships) – the monsters we haven't got yet from this list are definitely some of the most in demand.

So let's take into account what else we know:

  1. We absolutely know we're getting Nargacuga, those red eyes in the teaser were unmistakable, I refuse to believe it is any monster other than him.
  2. Nargacuga makes Tigrex and Barioth extremely likely since they share the same skeleton, not to mention they frequent frozen habitats.
  3. Zinogre is often found in icy environments, and I haven't seen another monster be asked for as much as him. We already have the skeleton I believe too?
  4. Gore Magala is one of the others most in demand, and we strangely heard his music very shortly during the stream of the Iceborne announcement. This is unquestionably odd to say the least. It makes me think it has to be some sort of hint, because why else play it so shortly?
  5. Out of the previous flagships, that only leaves Brachydios and Seregios – and both are also found frequenting frosty locales just like the others.

What I'm trying to say is: I think we are getting all the previous flagships that we haven't already – some are basically confirmed, another is teased, and the others just make sense in addition since the list is practically complete without them. The Monster Hunter team doesn't half-ass it – they go big or go home! xD They love to give the fans what they want, and I think they're going to do that by giving us all these awesome monsters we've been wanting so badly.

So without further ado, this is my full list of predictions for our Iceborne Monsters, taking from my thoughts above, the monsters we still have not received from the leaked monster list that has been 100% accurate so far and a couple other simple guesses:






Gore Magala

Shagaru Magala




Oroshi Kirin

Rusted Kushala Daora



New Flagship

New Secret Boss Monster

Other New Monsters

What do you think of my list? Any information to share with me or any criticisms on my guesses? Have a list of your own? I'd love to see it! It's gonna be a long, hard wait to Iceborne…

Happy hunting! =D

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