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My problem with Insect glaive after 10+ years

MonsterHunterWorld6 - My problem with Insect glaive after 10+ years

This might be a super unpopular opinion and I might get some flack for this but I want to get it off my chest. I do want to note that I originally started playing IG in 4U so I've noticed some differences.

IG is supposed to be a highly mobile DPS weapon that excels in the sky. To my understanding, Insect glaive (IG), sacrifices damage for mobility and utility. However, I'd argue it doesn't really get a fair trade off. I've got 500 hours on 4U, and 1000 on MHWI/MHGU.

Let's start with the air attacks. IG is bar-none the most mobile weapon in the game, and is capable of taking on monsters no matter where they are. The problem I'm noticing is that although it loses out on damage in exchange the ability to mount monsters anywhere at any time, some other weapons blow it out of the water with the right (easily met) conditions. The reason being that IGs air attacks do low damage (=low mounting damage) Hammer,GS, and SnS are all really good at mounting monsters, but are able to deal a good chunk of damage as well. If I want to focus on keeping a monster CCed I just run my hammer and camp on a ledge.


IG loses out on damage for utility. While this may be true, to a lesser extent, the utlility it gains is a shadow of its portable days. It's constantly meantioned that you gain a large amount of raw from R/W extract, but even with "muh max dps" build it still falls behind the other weapons. The defense buff from orange is nice, and the movement speed from white is actually noticable. The heal is actually really nice.

So what am I getting at? For starters up until a somewhat recent patch in world, IG would gain low-grade earplugs with RWO (triple buff.) In 4U from what I remember you gained FULL EARPLUGS. If you want to test it, try to mount a monster in 4U with triple buff, you should be protected when it roars.


In 4U/MHGU, IG's buffs/heals where able to be weakly shared using Wide-Range. The weapons overall power was still pretty low, but it had genuine utility and brought multiple things to the table that made it stand out and encouraged different playstyles. You could legit go support IG and almost compete with a support HH build.


🚫IG's clutch claw attack "problems." These aren't really a big deal, but IG's Clutch Claw Attacks (CCT) have a number of issues. For starters, there's basically a 50/50 chance that half of the animations attacks will MISS. The recovery animation, while cool, sends you flying backwards and can get you punished hard if the attack's recovery frames begin high up in the air (say CCTing Safi'Jiiva during the attack where it shoots a beam at the cieling.) If you look at the Bow's CCT, the bow gets launched into the air and does a stylish air shot, and the attack will give you some evasive distance. I'm not sure why IGs CCT doesn't leave you airborne? Or even Just have the weapon do the 'drill' attack afterwards instead of sending flying back 20 feet.


IG is on the lower end of DPS weapons. Correct me if I'm wrong, but IG's elemental values are the lowest of all the DPS weapons (I heard this i'm not 100% sure.) It also seems to be on the lower half of dps compared to the other weapons. The only time I feel like my IG can compare to any other high DPS weapon is when i do a max damage speedrun build, and even then comparitively IG falls behind.

Personally, I think the extract buff length should START at 2:00 minutes, and go up with Power Prolonger, but it beats the 30 seconds we had in MHW.

▶️TL;DR For a weapon that sacrifices damage for utility and and airborne dominance, it doesn't feel like it actually obtains those.

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