Monster Hunter World

My show at a Monster Hunter movie storyline, made in less than an hour.

MonsterHunterWorld6 - My show at a Monster Hunter movie storyline, made in less than an hour.

EDIT: The title was supposed to say shot…

We start with a cold open of Main Character (MC) easily trapping/killing a Tobi-Kadachi, and during the opening credits we see him getting promoted to high rank. He gets given or crafts a better weapon (I'm thinking Switch Axe or Charge Blade maybe? He probably wears some more basic armour, like Origin, Hunter, that kind of set. We get to see a cute moment with his Palico, and also getting congratulated by his best friend, who is a very respected research biologist, but wishes he could be a hunter.

Next, he meets his new squad, and gets his first assignment, what would in-game be a wall for new players, but still fairly routine once you have hunted it a few times. Anjanath maybe since it's from World, but it could also be .a Nargacuga for example, or Lagiacrus, but they get warned that this one is more aggressive than usual, it's stronger and attacks on sight.

We also meet his new team, a tough and badass lady hunter who MC totally has a crush on, she uses a long sword and is a total ninja with it who can foresight slash or valor counter attack everything, and she needs to wear some of the skimpy armour of course. Maybe Nergigante.

The third team member is an old guy who's about to retire, and this is his last assignment. He is bald and has a big-ass white beard, lumberjack kind fo build, and uses HBG with Wyvernheart as his special ammo. I could also see him as a Hammerbro, or a dooter. He wears big bulky armour from back in the day when he could hunt very strong monsters, maybe Black Diablos, Azure Rathalos, or Kushala Daora.

The fourth member of the team could be the before mentioned nerdy best friend, maybe he is needed as they are going into previously uncharted territory, or maybe they need him to do some field work and try to figure out why monsters have become so aggressive. He could use Sword and Shield as a total noob, or a hunting horn that he can't quite figure out how to use.

So after they meet, they pack all their gear, and go to depart. Naturally, Tough Badass Love Interest is annoyed that she is the only "real" hunter on the squad, with a useless scientist, some rookie, and an old dude. Old Dude jokes that she shouldn't complain, because back in the good old days I had to hunt a Black Diablos all on me own! in a Scottish accent. He clearly doesn't take this assignment very seriously. They don't find anything on the first day of hiking and set up camp for the night. They have some heart to heart, and we learn that Love Interest doesn't want to feel responsible for a team, since her first team mate went missing on the very hunt after which she crafted her Nergigante armour.


When everyone wakes up the next morning, Nerdy Best Friend is gone and Love Interest wants to leave him, but the other two convince her to go find him. He is getting bullied by a 2-star or 3-star monster, a Great Jagras, a Velocidrome, something like that, maybe a Yian Kut-Ku. They quickly dispatch of it and chase it off, and Nerdy Best Friend finds some courage.

It turns out that it only ran off because of the Anjanath that they were supposed to look for, which comes charging through the bushes and sends Old Dude flying off and knocked out. MC and Love Interest fight really well together against the Ajnanath, and Nerdy Best Friend figures out how to use HH buffs to both help out Old Dude, and gives a buff to the other two as well. Old dude starts shooting the Anjanath, and in the end they manage to trap and capture it after a cool and badass fight scene.

When they go to inspect it, they find that it was a tempered Anja, and Nerdy Best Friend convinces them to investigate why. They send a message back to the Commission (by carrier pigeon maybe?), and it turns out that they were very close to the Elder's Recess.

Old Dude, now with a badass looking eye patch, muses that finally this will become a real hunt.

They observe a Dodogama and an Uragaan, and try to find somewhere to se up a camp and stuff like that.

The final battle should be something incredibly badass, maybe a Deviljho, which later gets joined by a Bagel Goose, a type of monster that has never been seen. Nerdy Guy managed to pick up a Bagel scale, and some streamstones, which he thinks was responsible for making the Anjanath tempered in the first place. After an epic battle they manage to escape back to the commission, after they trick the Bazel into blowing up the path that they came through so that they could block the Elder's Recess from the rest of the world.

When they arrive back in the main city they all get a medal, Old Dude gets to retire, along with his cool new eye patch and jokes that he shouldn't have taken that assignment. Nerdy Best Friend gets promoted to a high position at the university, and gets his own lab and stuff like that too.

The final show is Main Character and Love Interest kissing beneath the night sky, the camera pans up into the sky for the credits.

In the mid credits scene, we see Xeno'Jiiva's cocoon. It's glowing and softly pulsating with blue light, and we see the shape of his orange eyes light up in it just before the camera cuts back to the credits. The end credits scene could be old dude teaching nerdy guy how to properly use some weapon, maybe some cute Palico scene, or a mysterious traveller arriving and asking for the head of the commission.


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