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My Story Idea: Monster Hunter World: Frenzy – what do you guys think?

MonsterHunterWorld2 - My Story Idea: Monster Hunter World: Frenzy - what do you guys think?

I am in love with MHW as a game. The creators even say that it's what they wanted Monster Hunter to be all along. I love the current Iceborne expansion, but there is something I want and I think this is how I would like to have it implemented.

Monster Hunter World: Frenzy

The Wildspire Waste has been expanding under the noses of the research commission. As the commission discusses what might be the cause of the expansion, the seeker interrupts the meeting claiming to have seen a golden star fly toward the rotten vale. The hunter is then given the quest to find the golden star.

After discovering markings unknown to any monster currently found in the new world they discover a corpse. A corpse that has been eaten away at by several smaller monsters. The discovery is interrupted by an overly aggressive Odogaron. A fight begins and the handler then comments on the strange behavior of the Odogaron. After hunting the large monster, both hunter and handler witness that the small monsters have begun to tear into each other. Seeing the strange behavior they retreat back to Astera (or Seliana) to discuss the findings with the commission.

During the meeting the tracker then realizes that these are symptoms of the frenzy virus seen in the old world. They continue to discuss and realize that the fallen star in the rotten vale could have only the remains of a Shagaru Magala. A new quest to the rotten vale to take down a few of the frenzied small monsters and carve off a piece of the newly discovered corpse. Returning to Astera (or Seliana) the counsel then confirms that it is the corpse of a Shagaru Magala and that the frenzy virus has found it's way to the new world. Both Tracker and Seeker are now commenting on the virus spreading to both the Wildspire Wastes and the Ancient Forest and claiming that this could only mean that the offspring of the Shagaru has made it's way into the Ancient Forest. The commander (or the field team leader) then posts a quest for the hunter to find it's tracks starting from the wildspire wastes to the ancient forest discovering Apex Monsters as they go.

After hunting Apex Monsters and tracking the Gore, our ragtag protag crew discovers the Gore Magala for the first time. After a discussion that a single Gore Magala can cause enough devastation rivaling that of Elder Dragons, a quest to slay the Gore Magala has been posted.


After the quest and returning victorious, a small celebration is due. With the Gore slain, for some reason new Apex Monsters continue to appear. It turns out that the Gore had feigned death all along. Now that the commission has let the Gore feed and has now molted into a Shagaru Magala. The Shagaru is headed toward the Guiding Lands as it has a vast variety of monsters for it's offspring to feed and disrupt mother nature by taking out all of the life in the Guiding Lands.

A quest to slay the Shagaru has been posted after a counsel and our hunter is off to save the new world, once more.

After the *final* quest, it turns out that there was another Gore all along and this time the commission has found it before it's molted. Our hunter proceeds into the Ancient Forest and interrupts the molting process and therefore challenging a Chaotic Gore Magala.

After the hunter claims victory a cutscene ensues showing the slain Chaos Gore was feigning death just as it's sibling did before. Before we were able to counteract this Nergigante comes in and saves the day just as it did throughout the base game and Iceborne.


I know this isn't very well written, but I'd like to know what you guys think of this idea.
MH4U was my first MH game, before I picked up the rest, and you can bet I loved every interaction with the Gore. I might be biased as to why I want a Gore Magala introduced into MHW, but I just wanted to share. Gore just stayed with me for such a long time since MH4U's story basically revolved around the rivalry between you and a Monster. It just felt so different just hunting monsters that are threatening the local area.

Thanks for your time in reading this and I hope I didn't break any rules in this subreddit.

Let me know what new world monsters you guys would think would be fun to hunt in Apex form, too!

GG, all and good hunting!

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