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My take on why the End-Game in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is good.

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The main focus & general bulk of GenU's End-Game primarily consists of Deviant monsters.

(It isn't luck based.) When you farm a Deviant & go on a level to get a specific ticket you need… You are 100% ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to get what you want provided you complete the quest of course. To make the inevitability long grind greatly expedited, you even get Two tickets per completion at MINIMUM. How generous.

(There's plenty of variety.) Not only do you have 18 cool, interesting & fun Deviants to construct the End-Game But there's also other monsters strewn throughout the Deviant quests as well. These could be monsters that most people don't hunt anymore like dromes & what not. You might see a Duramboros or a Seregios or a Plesioth. Some might consider this annoying or hindersome due to wanting to exclusively focus on the Deviants… But I for one quite enjoy the variety. You don't see the Metal Raths or Elder Dragons… But they have their own End-Game alongside Hyper Monsters. Not as prominent as Deviants, but still relevant in some way at the very least. In short; Every monster in the entire game is hunted & gets the screen time they deserve.


(The Grind is long enough to keep you playing for a extremely extensive period of time, but short enough to have an Ultimate Feasible End Goal in sight.) Now I'm not one of these players… But if you're hardcore enough & motivated enough to fully upgrade every piece of Deviant gear in the entire game… YOU HAVE AN INSANELY LONG ROAD AHEAD OF YOU… But it's well within the realm of possibility. With enough patience & determination, you'll eventually Max Out your End-Game Grind & Ultimately be done with it at some point. There is a finite amount of Deviant equipment in the game & you'll eventually end up crafting all of it if that's what you desire. To reiterate my first point… World's End-Game feels utterly hopeless due to being entirely RNG-Based… But since GenU's End-Game lacks that RNG Aspect… You'll inevitably achieve your goal one way or another.

VERDICT ~ I really do like GenU's End-Game. It's not perfect. Nothing is perfect. The most obvious & notable flaw with it is the redundant & obnoxious Deviant theme. While this is a bummer… It can easily be remedied by muting it for a unique & serene Monster Hunting experience with only the sounds of you & the monster… Or you can simply put on your own music with a computer or mobile device.

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