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My Thoughts on Arch Tempered Kirin

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I know the community has varying feelings about Kirin and Arch Tempered Kirin specifically, but I thought I might give my own thoughts and experiences unsolicited.

First a brief background. I consider myself a series veteran, played every game since Tri, but I don't have a ton of time to play Monster Hunter, but I get a good session in now and then and sneak in a quick hunt or two when I can. Because of this, I just finally got to HR50 this past weekend. Of course, I immediately threw myself at ATK in attempts to get those tickets before the week is out. Given the reactions from the community, I wasn't sure what to expect going into it beside a soul crushing curb stomping.

In my mad dash to reach HR50, I didn't put too much effort into my build, even against Tempered Kirin. When it came time to face ATK, I slapped on a couple Thunder Resist decorations, ate for Element Up (L) and figured I'd wing it since I'm a lancer. I proceeded to join/fire about 10 SOS's in a row that ATK wiped with ease each time. Many of which were most definitely my fault. Admittedly, even in past games I avoided Kirin due to how annoying he is to fight, so I was not familiar with his moveset beyond the most basic of knowledge which cost me dearly.

Next, I tried to solo him a few times, all to the same frustrating result. However, I used the experience to begin to learn his moves and tells. When he pauses, where there's an opening, etc. I used all the data I collected from getting trounced a dozen times and headed back to Astera to lick my wounds and form a strategy. The next day, I redid my entire armor set. Custom tailoring it to sport 35 vs Thunder to start with Lv3 Thunder Resist, Lv3 Stun Resist, Lv3 Health Boost, plust Elemental Up (L) and Thunderproof Mantle and 400+ defense. Augmented my Blue Prominence to tap in that fire weakness, threw in some affinity/critical skills and WE for good measure, and stocked up on max potions and life powders.

I set out with my new loadout and knowledge, waited for openings, didn't over commit, kept my health high, went through several sets of life powders per hunt, and low and behold, I got my first 4 tickets without failing a quest! Hopefully, I will have time to nab the last one, and perhaps a couple more for the layered armor later, but it is interesting to see the shift in my experience with ATK.


I suppose the bottom line is "Did I enjoy the experience?" Truly, I went into it expecting rage and frustration, that ATK is just an "over-buffed monstrosity tacked onto the end game that is no fun at all to fight", and frankly, after getting trounced over and over again, I began to believe it. However, I had the foresight to take a break before I got too tilted, and came back fresh the next day. What I found was that once I prepared properly, and had a handle for ATK's moves, it was perhaps the most thrilling fight I've had in world. Despite going against colossal Elder Dragons, this is the first time I have actually felt outmatched by a monster in World. Furthermore, while I know the horror stories of playing with randoms, it added an element of tension to the fight, and helped me realize that despite being on a team, you are only really responsible for your own contribution. That is to say, regardless of the skills of the other players, your priority needs to be contributing the most to the hunt while not carting yourself.

In summation, ATK is tough as hell. While by nature overpowered, he is not broken in my opinion. I am thankful that there is finally a monster that actually makes you work around him rather than just stacking affinity and bashing it to death. To me, ATK is the first real challenge MHW has presented (Unfortunately I haven't gotten a shot at tempered pickle yet). If you take the time to learn his patterns, and focus on your defense and evasion, he is quite manageable. That is not to say you won't cart not and then, but if you take the time to learn how to fight this lightning pony properly, your future hunts are going to be a lot easier.

Finally, some tips for those still struggling with ATK:

  • Obviously, stack Thunder Resistance, Eat for Element Up (L).
  • Always shoot for Felyne Insurance if you can.
  • Don't be afraid to go back to camp and restock.
    • Life Powder: is critical. Keeping your allies alive is key. Most successful teams I've been on were popping these like candy.
    • Max/Ancient Potions: Can't beat the near instant healing. Mega Potions take to long and ATK will sneak up on you.
  • Aim for 200 health. Highly recommend Lv3 Health Boost, if not eat or use items to get to 150 Health and keep it near full to avoid getting roasted.
  • Learn his moves. Most of his lightning attacks either follow behind him or shoot out in front of him. Many are clearly telegraphed by the blue light on the ground.
  • Bring Mega Barrel Bombs. Free Damage when he goes to sleep.
  • Stun Resist saves Lives: If ATK stuns you, you are already dead. Lv3 Stun resist is required, IMO.
  • If he moves to the big open field area, don't be afraid to run away and grab one of the vigorwasps floating around, they can be life savers.
  • Take your time, the best time to get in good DPS is when he stops to do one of his big lightning attacks. Just approach from a safe angle and he'll basically stand still for a few seconds.
  • Kirin is small, make sure you position yourself well and try not to trip up teammates. Best case scenario you hurt your DPS; worst case scenario your teammate gets tripped up and one shot by ATK's lightning.

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