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My thoughts on the monster hunter movie.

MonsterHunterWorld8 - My thoughts on the monster hunter movie.

Hello everyone, I know that there is a lot of hype for the monster hunter movie, so after i watched it I thought I should write down my thoughts.

Firstly, what did it do well?

The graphics are amazing and the renders look realistic and gritty, achieving a serious atmosphere.

The dialogue is pretty good, nothing stupid or dumb said and the characters seem to fit the roles

Cons: So so SO disjointed. The movie can clearly be split in 2 parts. The first part feature both diablos and nerscylla as antagonists, while the second features rathalos.

Rathalos sucks. Diablos and nerscylla both strike fear and horror into the viewer and seem like a major threat. They attack often and seem like a threat AND MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE SOME DAMN MOTIVATION. Nerscylla are small enough to be able to eat them for food and ,as shown with one of the caught soldiers, catch them as living incubators. Diablos is quite aggressive and angry as the soldiers shot him. He fights out of aggression and in order to eat. Rathalos has none of these convictions. He kills because he feels like it as far as is shown, which feels really weird. His intro is him just burning a forest for no apparent reason. You could argue that it’s for food but rathalos would just carry singular things and, more importantly, NOT JUST BURN A WHOLE FOREST WHILE FLYING AWAY. HE JUST FLEW AWAY, FOOD WASNT A MATTER TO HIM! Not to mention he was guarding the sky tower (oh don’t worry we’ll get to that) for no real reason??? It’s quite a weird area for a territory as it’a abandoned and there is really no links made with it and rathalos. He feels forced. Also, he gets killed in about 20 goddamn minutes. 20 MINUTES OF SCREEN TIME???? WHAT? DIABLOS AND NERSCYLLA HAD AN ENTIRE 40-50 MINUTES?? This is a problem because rathalos was hyped and shown off in the trailer a lot more than diablos and don’t even get me started on nerscylla. But we haven’t reached the worst


The ancient civilization. This thing is mentioned once in regards to why they imprisoned the main character (Artemis I think her name was). They say that people have been brought to their world before and that they caused the fall of the ancient civilization. And then it’s never mentioned again. Nope never. They make maybe 1 reference to rathalos in regards to the ancient civilization.

Gore magala. The big bad plague dragon. The dragon that was seemingly a big bad villain. This dragon had about 30-40 SECONDS OF SCREEN TIME. WHAT WHY? Just disappointed is all I have to say. I was expecting him to be the villain but instead it served as a cliff hanger for the next movie

The sky tower. Just never explained how that works or why it does what it does. All we know is it’s there and it opens portals. No more exposition is given.

They add in the weapon magic without any explanation. Like, a player would know that dual blades can charge up but what about other. ALSO WHAT IN GODS NAME IS THE ADMIRAL DOING WITH THE GREATSWORD?? WHY IS IT SHOOTING OUT MASSIVE FIERY SHOCKWAVES?? Huhhhh??? Also why do the characters wield great swords like they’re long swords? Like bruh, how are you lifting that up and doing twirls? That thing is as heavy as a person.

In all I believe they added too much and bit off more than they could chew. They attempted to pander to both people who have and haven’t played the games and in turn annoyed both sides with the lack of information and the inaccuracies throughout. Too little is explained and shown and we are just expected to go along, not to mention the weird pacing throughout. The start is slow and moves nicely before the rathalos shows up and then everything moves so fast it’s hard to keep up.

Tl;dr- the monster hunter movies isn’t great. 4/10 normally and if you turn your brain off while watching, 7/10

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