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My Tips After Learning to Fight AT Vaal Hazak

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So after failing quite a bit I started to look into what I was doing wrong. Then on my 2nd kill I finally got him down to a science even without health regen on my dual blades (I farmed for a Blade Hero Stone all week couldn't get one). The key for me was to use a combination of Temporal + Health Booster to allow me to just sit on him and combo even with Oddy in the area.

Besides that I learned quite a few things that I think may help you guys out.

  1. His miasma actually seems to have a pattern. When he runs he seems to leave a trail behind, so I have started running in non straight lines around it and then resuming the fight.
  2. His attacks with his face have about 2 hit frames. The very initial pass and the finishing pause he takes after it. So even if you feel like you are safe, you best make sure you aren't near the sides of his head as he finishes it.
  3. I tried using a bow but the miasma is just up too often and unless you are a god, you are better off dealing with the miasma as a close range weapon.
  4. His miasma can stack if you beat on him too much causing him to drop more on top of his movement miasma. When this happens I recommend just backing off and waiting for him to either leave it or it to go away. Heal in the mean time because honestly you are wasting more time sitting in it and healing and trying to fight him than just re-positioning.
  5. His miasma cloud attack actually is upgraded to 3 rings that drop one after another (normally its a single ring that just makes its way outwards), but the second and 3rd travel less distance meaning you should probably just back off instead of trying to power through it even with temporal on. Once the outer ring disperses it should be safe to resume fighting him.
  6. Avoid the tail at all costs when he attacks with it. The face hit box is already BS, but the tail hit box seems worse and has better damage.
  7. I recommend you bring ingredients to mix extra mega pots just in case you run out. It saves you more time and the cost for potions in this game is relatively low.

Hopefully this helps you guys out. I know AT Vaal is a pain in the ass. IMO he is very poorly designed as a high rank monster, he is more of a G-rank monster invading high rank. He has a chunk DoT which is hard to avoid. He has 2 one shot lasers (I have only lived with Feylene Defender active or divine protect procs). The first one being the more obvious and slightly bigger than normal laser from normal Vaal. Then he has a second laser that is somewhat more rare that looks like he is about to do the miasma cloud and then transitions into firing a laser really fast upwards from his feat. And if those weren't enough his hitboxes seem stupidly large and sometimes he just hits on attacks that you can take video proof of him not hitting you.

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