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My Weapon Idea: The Chakram

MonsterHunterWorld8 - My Weapon Idea: The Chakram

For those unfamiliar, a Chakram is a metal disc that is thrown at enemies. It’s like a metal frisbee with a hole in the middle to hold it by. This weapon, unlike the Gunlance, is a true ranged and melee weapon.

This weapon’s critical range for most ranged attacks attacks is near that if Pierce Ammo, if not farther. This weapons ranged attacks will have high range, however, you have to wait for the weapon to return to your hand, which takes about one second for regular throws. For Curve Throws it will take longer, 2.5 seconds at most. The Slicing Circle’s Return time depends on the size of the monster.

Moves (Xbox Controller) -Ranged

While holding LT you aim, entering ranged mode. Press Y while aiming to perform a Throw. The basic Throw tosses the weapon at your opponent, sand it bounces off the monster, doing damage, and then returns to your hand. Press Y after doing a Throw to perform a second throw, doing more damage. Pressing Y a third time performs a High Throw, tossing the Chakram into the air like a Cluster Bomb, landing on your opponent doing much more damage than the previous throws.

Pressing B makes you do a Curve Throw, moving the Chakram in a large clockwise circle until it comes back into your hand. Pressing it again does another Curve Throw, now in a counterclockwise circle. Pressing B a third time performs the Slicing Circle, where, if it hits, it will attach the to monster and roll across the side of the entire monster until it completes the circle and then returns to your hand.


Y+B performs a chargeable Rolling Throw. This attack rolls the Chakram like a bowling ball. This attack’s range depends on how long you hold Y+B. If it is charged for long enough it will go the furthest and turn into a Slicing Circle. This attack can be performed even if you aren’t aiming.

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When not aiming you are in Melee mode. The weapon functions similar to the Sword and Shield at close range. Pressing Y does a basic, low-risk Attack combo where you swing the Chakram around ending on short range toss. The B button combo involves you spinning left then right, an infinite spin, called the Spinning Slice, that functions similar to the Switch Axe’s Wild Swing, depleting stamina as you spin. The B attacks have longer ending animations than the Y combo. This attack is great for applying status and elemental damage.

This weapon, especially when using the Slicing Circle, is good with elemental damage, and cutting tails. Let me know any ideas you have for new weapons, and for the Chakram.

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