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My wife emasculated me in front of my hunter (and real life) friends

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Thought I would share this story because maybe there are others which have experienced this.

Last month my wife and I were out to dinner with some friends we haven't seen in a while. Towards the end of the night the groups sort of split (as they tend to do) with the wives talking to each other about weddings, parenthood, etc and the men talking about sports or video games.

My friends and I were talking about Monster Hunter (obviously) and the different hunts or gear we were trying to acquire. The subject of how many hours we had played came up and I think there was a comment along the lines of, "Kara (fake name for story) can't stand how much I play that game…she says it's weird and doesn't know why I like it." My wife is passing by at this moment so I pull her in and say, "Emily (fake name for story) LOVES watching me play Monster Hunter and wants to get into the game herself." My wife quickly replies with, "I don't really know much about that game….I know you talk about fainting a lot."


A split second of silence….then my friends are suddenly struggling to find air to breath from laughing so hard. I had absolutely no comeback.

Multiple times a week my friends still bust my balls about this in group chat…..and every time I play Monster Hunter my wife will pass by and say, "have fun, make sure you don't faint too much".

Has anyone else had their gamer manhood (or womanhood) just stripped from them in such a vicious manner?

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