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Nargacuga 2’13 Switch Axe World Record – Breakdown

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Nargacuga 2'13 Switch Axe World Record - Breakdown

Hey all, me again! I'm still pretty bored while waiting for Alatreon so I'm still messing around a bunch. One of my friends challenged me to beat the current Nargacuga world record so I gave it a shot and luckily it only took a few tries. Let's get into it!

Here's the run:

Here's the build I used: are the leaderboards for this quest:

Going to make this one short and sweet. Same as usual, once I land into the quest I throw out my Demon Powder before hopping onto the zipline. Once I've landed, I chug my Mega Demondrug, and eat my might seed before crawling into the arena. Once I'm in the arena, I grab some rocks and shoot some into the middle of the arena in order to lure Nargacuga towards the center where the rock trap will fall on him. While he's moving towards the middle, I'm equipping my rocksteady mantle and jumping down towards the switch for the rock trap. Now that both Nargacuga and I are in position, it's time to get started!


I drop the rock trap onto him and immediately rush towards his head. Once there, I clutch claw on and make sure his head is good and tenderized. As Nargacuga gets back up, I latch onto the left side of his face in order to slap him twice. I could have shot him into the wall right away, or after one slap, but I do it twice in order to make sure he get's enraged when he gets back up. After the two slaps and wallbang, I rush towards his head and begin to charge up my sword. I open with R2 into Sword Mode > Circle > Circle > Triangle > Circle, now that the sword is nice and charged, we can start ZSD spamming, so before he gets back up, I press Triangle+Circle to latch on.

The rest of the run is pretty much as follows for my previous runs that I've posted lately, clutch claw onto the monsters head and ZSD as much as you can, while making sure to take claggers when they happen. Nargacuga has a capture % of about 20% health, so I only need to ZSD about 5-6 times until he's capturable.

Sorry if my posts have been rather short lately. I'm mostly just doing these ZSD runs because I'm rather bored lately while waiting for Alatreon and I'm trying to experiment with other weapons. These ZSD runs are pretty straight forward and there isn't typically a lot of information to share about them besides my initial setup script, since the run mostly just depends heavily on AI RNG since all I'm really doing is clutch clawing and pressing Triangle+Circle a bunch.

Hope you enjoy the video and shorter breakdown! I love just being able to share my content here but I'm glad I can give some information when I can.

Thanks for reading/watching!


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