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Nature of RNG, Yah or Nah?

MonsterHunterWorld4 - Nature of RNG, Yah or Nah?

This is something that at times bothers me and with the latest twitter posts from Gaijinhunter it made me think about it again.

When people mention RNG in Monster Hunter it's always met with distaste.
I feel like majority of people you see answering to messages like this think that RNG is bullshit and an artificial way to gate people from getting the things they need.

Is it because it's unfair? (I so want to answer to this that; well life isn't about if things are fair. It's the struggle to overcome unfair odds)

Every time I mention that allowing people to just meld Mantles and Rubies at Elder Melder is practically cheating I'm met with angry looks. But I keep wondering, why is that?

And then I see messages about people saying that Capcom should just allow us to craft things like decorations at our will, or craft charms (like in world we already do) and remove everything related to RNG?

How would this affect Monster Hunter as a whole, if everything was just craftable?

Don't feel like hunting a Great Jaggi? Just go collect some bones from the field to craft the G.Jaggi scales? Don't feel like collecting bones? Just do the prancing emote and get those delivered straight to your item box.

RNG for me has always been a HUGE part of Monster Hunter and has always been the largest inspiration for me to keep hunting a monster multiple times, hundreds of times if need be to get a single item and it feels to me like majority of people just want to get rid of it? For what?


What is the alternative for RNG in video games? Other than the game just giving you things like any cheat engine would?

This discussion became very bloated at the time of Kulve Taroth's arrival and how it's reward system is an RNG on top of an RNG on top of an RNG. Which is true, but far from unfair. Yes I know a person who farmed for that Thunder Bow for 6months.

I just personally can't really understand why people want this system out because what it is going to boil down to is that there is nothing rewarding anymore. Everyone will have all the gear, weapons.

Owning an armorset or a weapon of the final monster of the game will feel like nothing.

How many people here crafted Alatreon's weapons before actually being able to hunt him down even once?

I know I crafted mine, because the fail rewards were already enough for me to do so and that to me was just funny, hilarious even. It really feels like I'm playing a game designed for babies where you can keep failing and still win.

And to me on a very personal level that is sad to see Monster Hunter go this direction, only because people think RNG should be removed, without actually realizing that it is EXTREMELY hard to replace RNG in a videogame with something that isn't based on RNG.

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