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Need help to optimise my item pouch load outs

MonsterHunterWorld2 - Need help to optimise my item pouch load outs

MHW is my first MH game and I’ve mainly played without anyone to really guide me in the right direction. I’ve pretty much picked stuff up as I go and tried to learn as much as I can from watching various Youtube channels. Starting to feel now I’ve picked up some bad habits along the way or have missed something.

I’m now HR120+ and feel like I really really need to improve my load outs as I try to do tier 3 Elders and approach AT fights beyond ZM.

I’ve got a few load outs but starting to feel like they’re not that great. I’m trying to carry everything but feel like I’m not carrying the right stuff and in some cases don’t have enough room for all that I feel I need to carry.

I have mainly used IG for most of my time so far but more lately I’ve been using LBG and trying DB along with other weapons. I’ve generally used a “Kill” load out (no traps), a “Capture” load out (no bombs) and a LBG where I try to carry stuff I need plus mats to craft ammo/bombs.

I’ll say now I’m not looking to set any speed records. I’m just trying to enjoy the game but be more efficient. I usually end up returning to camp a few times right now to restock as I feel my load outs are holding me back a bit.

My current load outs consist of:

Included without fail in everything right now:

  • Powercharm
  • Powertalon
  • Armortalon
  • Armorcharm
  • Mega Potion
  • Mats to craft more Mega Potions
  • Lifepowder


Consumables I’ve been using at the start of each investigation I go into: (so in every load out)

  • Mega Nutrients (thinking I should replace with Max Potion?)
  • Immunizer
  • Demondrug
  • Armorskin

Supplementals that are consumed/used randomly/situational:

  • Adamant Seed
  • Might Seed
  • Flash Pods
  • Dung Pods
  • Mega Bombs. Ingredients to make more bombs (not included in Capture load out)
  • Cool drink/herbal powder/Astera Jerky/Nulberry

For a Capture load out only:

  • Shock and Pitfall Traps
  • Tranq Bombs

Is there any guide or advice out there as to what "must haves" should be in a DPS load out? I feel like I should be able to have a set of minimum items that are part of every load out then add remainder for specific purpose.

I've made some Mega Demondrug/Armorskin in the past but not sure if it's stuff I really need plus I run out of Nourishing Extract. Is there a better choice of buff consumables I should be using now? I feel like maybe Mega Nutrients and Immunizer are wrong and I should be using something like Ancient Potion?

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