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Need to vent mhw vs. Previous titles

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Need to vent mhw vs. Previous titles

So I've been playing monster hunter since I was like 10, starting with tri which I got for my birthday and I actually didn't really like the game all that much at first, had no idea what I was doing and just genuinely sucked (took like forever to get past the Barroth in low rank I was so bad lmao. But I still managed to have fun with the groups I played with as I got better, I still remember one of the guys I beat the Barroth with making me laugh a ton in the chat because none of us playing cared if we lost we were just trying to have fun. Fast forward to 3u coming out and now I'm early teens and am looking stuff up figuring stuff out but I never manage to beat the Alatreon because I just was never good enough. 4U though was a whole other story, I got every in game achievement sub 1 or 2 for challenge/Arena quest clear times would just solo apex jho or Rajang for fun was doing lvl 140 elders it was great, I'd also put on some low rank or high rank gear specifically to help those other players, summer days I wasn't working I'd play until 3 or 4 in the morning, playing with the same groups for 4 or 5 hours until one of us finally got one of those 1% drops we needed for a new weapons or armor piece. It is to this day my most fun experience with probably any game ever I clocked in over 6000 hours on one save file alone. I played Generations but as I worked more I had less time and for whatever reason couldn't get a stable online connection like I could with 4u so I did everything with village mode and that was kind of it. When generations ultimately came out I was honestly way too busy and poor, now living on my own to really play or buy video games so I just never played it even to this day.

But monster hunter world comes out and I have a ps4 and my roommates have a nice tv we have it set up to and after every monster hunter fan I know is telling me I need to get it I buy it and give it a try. And I'm liking it, it's fun, the tutorial sucks and is annoying, I'm struggling to read the majority of the on screen text even though I'm wearing my glasses but w/e it's monster hunter it's a good time. Except it's not. I'm not trying to shit on world, it's a good game I got through it fought those tempered elder dragons and stuff, it just… wasn't the same anymore.


Those groups of other players who I would play with for hours chatting with, sharing strategies with, laughing with and getting life advice from just wasn't in the game anymore, the social aspect was gone, it felt lonely and sad. There was no one to cheer with you when you got a rare drop, no fashion shows with our favourite armour or weapon sets, it felt like a different game and even though, yes the SoS system works and you can join quests after they've been started and those both are great wonderful features, it really just is not the same fun game for me anymore. This combined with the majority of weapons looking like they're basic starting weapons with small elements of monster parts they're made from added in making it look more like a steel or bone weapon with a skin has kind of broken my heart. I can't even enjoy the game enough to play Iceborne despite pre-ordering it because I was excited for more content that would have hopefully rectified my dissatisfaction with this game in my favourite series ever, the new content just doesn't make up for the new changes that in my opinion ruined several aspects of one of my favorite game.

The changes made to online, weapons, and the way that armour sets worked in the previous games I played feel like they were a large aspect of what made monster hunter so much fun, and yes Village mode was fun as all hell too, I still play my older monster hunter games offline because they are still so much fun to play, I even beat offline Ala in 3U and cried when I did because I've wanted to beat it ever since I first saw it. I probably wouldn't be so upset about world if I wasn't paying $60 for ps+ so I could play with my only other friend who still plays the game if I couldn't fully enjoy what that meant if I wasn't playing with him as well.

I'm sorry if this is a bit hard to follow or just seems like I'm whining or if these vents are old or too negative, I genuinely love monster hunter as a franchise but I feel like this game took things in a negative direction that I hope isn't going to be continued with future games because I fear I may not continue with this series if that happens. I genuinely just can't have fun playing world like I did in previous titles capping out with just shy of 100 hours played as opposed to the thousands I put into previous titles (hell I've played pokemon games with more playtime than world)

Tldr: long time monster hunter fan since I was a kid missing pre mhw gameplay

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