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Nergigante’s infinite rage

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Nergigante's infinite rage

Like many new players before me, I've gotten to the part of the main quest that has me facing off against Nergigante. To say that I am struggling would be a drastic understatement. I've read through numerous similar threads from others who were in my shoes, and the same three or four pieces of advice keep repeating, but I need something more specific, because I am having absolutely no chance against him.

His dive bomb attack is mostly harmless, only occassionally hitting me when the pre-dive roar stuns me and the game decides to have not registered my sprint input in the tiny window between the roar ending and the dive hitting. It's annoying, but not what makes this fight hard.

Another advice I see is to have good armor. This is not at all specific enough. What is good armour? Before I eat my food and apply my mega armorskin I am up to 341 armor. Is that enough? I can't upgrade it further using armor spheres, and it's all an HR set.

Edit: I also have all 4 item pouch passive buffs, Armorcharm, Armortalon, Powercharm, Powertalon.

My prefight setup is to eat a huge meal, hopefully with 6 fresh fish, but I often have to substitute at least 2 meat in there to get enough freshness for the +50 health. Once in mission I eat my well-done steak, astera jerkey, mega armorskin, mega demonbrew and if I had to cheap out on the +health for the meal, my mega nutrients. To give myself even a hope of victory, I had to buff up to 3 Stun resist to at least be spared the constant head-spinning attacks.

The fight itself always plays out the same way. I wail on him and do my best to stay on top of my health and dodge the rare dive-bomb until he runs home to sleep. So far, no problem. I plant my 2 mega barrel bombs and detonate them and then the nuclear bomb hits.

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Nergigante now goes into his demon mode. He rages and will stay raged forever. He will not ever stop raging. If I try to defend myself, he overwhelms me and wittles me down. if I try to heal, he harrasses me, if I even think about trying to attack, he knocks me down and then keeps knocking me over until I am dead. I can land the occasional hit, but so far this has never been enough to finish off what health he has left, which seems to be at least a few thousand based on repeat attempts that have yet to get through all of it.

I'm at the end of my rope, having no idea at all what to try. I am just not able to do this fight… I don't know what else to try.

I have killed every other "hard" monster in the game (so far), from Bazelgeuse to Deviljho a handful of times and have no problems with 2 Kirin's at once, but Nergigante just will not yield to allow me to get any further in the game.

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