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New hunters, don’t get the wrong idea about MHW/MHGU when reading veteran hunters’ opinions

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What prompted me to write this post is a bunch of friends and rookie hunters who have started visiting this sub after getting their hands on MHW. They have asked me whether it was the correct choice to pick up MHW instead of MHGU after reading a bunch of posts/comments about how great MHGU is / how they miss the game (and rightly so). In case anyone else is having similar thoughts, I just want to let newer players know that despite what a lot of players – most of which are veterans – are writing on this sub, praising MHGU for being a "genuine/true/old school" Monster Hunter game featuring "real challenge/difficulty/expanded content", it does not mean that MHGU is the one true Monster Hunter experience. It is just so that it is the latest entry in the series to include a lot of the quirks, gimmicks and features the series has accumulated over more than a decade that is most familiar to veteran hunters, myself included, before MHW came in and revamped all those systems and mechanics alongside the obvious visual enhancements. Nostalgia is definitely a significant factor, too. I have yet to pour hundreds (thousands?) of hours into MHGU, but I think it will be a great game for reasons that have been stated all over this sub, but it shouldn't diminish the view newer players have about MHW, or see MHGU for more than what it essentially is. World is a step – heck, a map-wide Nergigante leap – in the right direction and I do hope Capcom is going to continue down this path for future entries in the series until eventually we get the best of both worlds (heh) between what makes MHGU/4U (and older hits) the gaming success they are and World with its plethora of QoL and gameplay changes.


As it has been said over and over again, newcomers will find MHW much more accessible than MHGU and it serves as an awesome starting point before diving into the wonky workings of the portable era. MHW isn't and shouldn't be seen as a diminished Monster Hunter game because it comparatively lacks content and is arguably easier (heck I think good old MHTri on Wii had it much, much worse, looking back on it). Instead, consider them separately for what they each are. If you haven't played an MH game before World, you are not missing out on much, although I would argue otherwise for the opposite, with veteran hunters who haven't stepped into the New World yet.

TL;DR : If you're new to the franchise, no need to compare MHGU specifically (if anything, the entire MH franchise before World would be more fair) to World to decide which one is the better game as they're all in all extremely different games. If anything, play both if you can afford it to understand where veteran hunters are coming from when they criticize MHW's lack of stuff or why they call MHGU and earlier games "home".

See y'all in the New World or/and in the Flying Pub !

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