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New item idea: Elder Dung

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That's not a typo in the title, I shit you not, butt I'll shit every intruder with this almighty pile of feces, if we get it.

Elderly Dragons are also living being, so they gotta eat, sleep and poop at some point and that poop could be weaponized into Elder Dung Pod or Dung Pod+.
Don't you dare tell that's insane or doesn't make sense, because we have been literally weaponizing almost everything in MH: Gunner shoot around with mostly berries and nuts, whereas close range combatants are facing off against Monsters double or triple their size with sticks and bones.
We even wield around weaponized cheese, food of all kinds, teddy bears, plungers, brooms, corns, pumpkins, cutlery and more unreasonable things in GenU and partly in older games.

How it works? Good question and let me give you all the shitty information you seek.


They have a 100% chance on non Elderly Dragon, unlike regular Dung Pods that have a % chance (e.g. 70% success on Bagel, 20% success on Blackblos).
Additionally, if the Monster isn't part of the quest, namely an intruder or you're on an Expedition, there's a 25% chance it will leave the locale.
Another Intruder will take it's now vacant place though, so choose wisely who to Elderly Dung.
I personally would let a small fry like Great Jagras stay rather than risking having a Bagel or Pickle bombing my merry hunt for instance.

On Elderly Dragons it'll have a 50/50 chance at success and will make quests like The Thronetaker or No Remorse, No Surrender much more bearable.

That's only 2 quests that would really benefit from this new type of Dung, butt I want it anyway and I fear that the upcoming Arch-Tempered Lunastra Event will feature an AT Teostra and if that wouldn't be enough on its own, think about the AT Bonding Attack between a Super and Hyper Nova!
…that Bullshit needs a counter measure other than running for your life.

Read:  People, please start taking defensive abilities with you if you are dying.

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