Monster Hunter World

New Kulve AT Weapons Summary (including Screenshots)

MonsterHunterWorld4 - New Kulve AT Weapons Summary (including Screenshots)

Bow: Blast, Spark, King, Water, Stream, Decay

HBG: Horn, Magma, Ice, Spark, Water







LBG: Ice, Thunder, Claw


Claw: (by Sidereal529)

GreatSwords: Decay, Thunder, Water, Magma, ICE

LONGSWORDS: Water, Paralys, Decay, Spark, Fire

SNS: King, Blast, Dragon, Numb, Myth

CHARGEBLADE: Spark, Ice, Crusher, Water


Lance: Water, Decay, Crusher, Thunder, Stream, King, Paralys

GUNLANCE: Spark, Paralysis, King, Stream

HUNTING HORN: Rage, Crusher, Dragon, Stream, Myth

Myth Songs: (by Sidereal529)

HAMMER: Gyre, Ice, Decay, Thunder, Numb, Blast

INSECT GLAIVE: King, Spark, Para, Water

DUAL BLADES: Magma, Lurk, Rage, Dragon, Ice, Water

SWITCH AXE: Water, King, Thunder Decay

IF you happen to have the missing ones and can provide a screenshot that would help a lot.

So thats it for Day1 Summary, i will try to keep these updated the next days.

THX to Sidereal529,…

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