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Name: In development Classification: Elder Dragon Description: A strange elder dragon recently uncovered in ruins from the ancient civilization. It has a posture like a congalala and possesses high intelligence. Physically weak, it uses its high intelligence and finesses to augment itself with parts harvested from other monsters. Hunters are advised to be cautious, as its high intellect and partially translucent skin enable devastating ambushes, especially when hunting other monsters. Elements: Electricity, Ice Weaknesses: Water, Dragon

Design and attacks: Based on the idea of galvanism and gargoyles, this elder dragon would have a pongoid (knuckle walker) posture, similar to a rajang, except with a pair of wings held close to its back. It would be an off-white translucent, similar to a glass frog, with the only exceptions being a pair of dark blue blades on its wings and arms and a tail that resembles a nerve. When enraged its translucent skin will become a light red and it will fully unfurl its wings, in order to fight in a more bipedal and aerial style. This monster would rely more on multiple hits and slowly wearing down opponents, rather than strong hits, with the exception of a few attacks involving its blades. Most physical attacks would be charges, punches, flying dives, tail swipes, and some zinogre-esque acrobatics. Non-physical attacks would include a cold breath attack, a breath that coats an area in a mist, and paralyzing/thunderblighting tail jabs, and special interactions with the environment.

Ecology: This monster, in any area it settles in, would first build or find itself a secluded cave-like lair which it would keep cold with its frost abilities. It would stalk around environments, either directly engaging targets it could easily kill, or picking off weakened targets by hitting the target with a blade attack out of nowhere. It would harvest some parts from any targets it kills, and either drags them back to its lair, freeze the part to itself, or hide it in the path on an intended target. It can cause body parts, both living and dead, to twitch and activate with the nerve-like tendrils that compose its tail. When threatened it will attempt to escape if that fails it will lure the attacker to its lair and make a desperate stand.


Story: This monster would first be introduced in a pre-game cutscene, where a group of hunters opens a previously undiscovered area of an ancient ruin, stumbling upon a lair of a few of these creatures. A skirmish ensues and in the chaos, a few of the creatures escape. The fate of the hunters is not seen. The creature would then enter the story at the 3-star urgent quest, finishing off the target while the player is still pursuing the target. If the player managed to arrive in time, the creature would be visible. After arriving back from the quest, dialog with the important NPCs would ensue, and a general investigation would be launched into the matter. From this point forward, there is always a chance for the creature to be seen in some background areas of the map and/or finish off weakened monsters. After the 4-star urgent, the hunters from the opening scene would appear in the hub, and the player and NPCs would start to make preparations to corner and slay this new elder dragon. The 5-star quests would have optional quests that would provide benefits for the 2-part 5-star urgent quest of slaying the elder. The first quest would involve tracking and chasing the creature to its lair, with the player battling traps, using what advantages they earned from the optional quests, and having some quick skirmishes with the creature. Eventually, the creature retreats back to its lair, at which point the player will get a pop-up from the “commander” saying something like “creature.layer. Pursue”, something obviously off, but maybe just enough to convince a player to jump right into the lair. If the player jumps into the lair right the, a message from the handler will pop-up with a ‘what are you doing message’ and the 2nd phase, and quest, will begin with no chance for the player to restock, heal, or set up a base. In this scenario, 1 faint will result in a quest failure (for only the 2nd quest) If the player doesn’t jump into the lair, then the handler will say something about taking time to rest and the quest will complete, with the 2nd quest of the chain becoming active. If taken from the quest board this quest will have the usual 3 faint limit and will involve fighting the creature in its cold and trapped lair filled with body parts. Once the player completes the quest, they will have to carve parts, before, near the end of the post-quest timer, the creature will stop playing dead, paralyze all players, and retreat. The creature would be absent from the story until the player is introduced to the final new area of the game. After that quest, the player would hear of reports of hunters being ambushed and ‘robbed’ in the field, along with reports of weakened monsters being mysteriously slain. From this point forward there is a chance of a danger icon on any quest, which indicates the possibility that the creature will be present during this quest, but unlike before, if the creature is in the area, there is a chance it will join into any fight, acting as an invader. It will flee, however, if confronted when alone. There will be a passive gathering tracks quest during this time, and when this is completed, the final quest against this creature will unlock. This quest will just involve fighting the creature in its lair, with more powerful traps, form more powerful monsters, and some new attacks that involve the creature using larger hunter weapons like long swords, great swords, or hammers. When defeated here, the creature is finally truly dead.

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I'm not expecting any monster like this to appear in icebore or the next game, but i liked the idea of a monster that somewhat acted like a hunter. i'm excited to hear what my fellow hunters think!

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