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New Near-Endgame Monster Concept: Verexiria

MonsterHunterWorld2 - New Near-Endgame Monster Concept: Verexiria

Picture: (Credit to my sister who drew this for me, I can't draw for shit)

Ingame Description Creature that is a strange amalgamation of a vine-like plant and a Bird Wyvern, which became so symbiotically dependent on each other that they grew into a single life form. Uses all known status ailments, is highly flexible, and does not obey the typical order of turf wars seen by similar -size life forms.

Physical Traits: Verexiria is a name from the words "verdure" (a term for plants) and "expiry" (a synonym of death). The creature is an evolutionary result of a plant and animal becoming so symbiotically dependent on each other that they fused into a single creature, the animal's nervous system extends into the vines, allowing it to manipulate the plant's water-vascular system to move the plant as an extension of its own rather small actual body.

Verexiria is highly intelligent, and observes how most creatures are turned off by or afraid of corpses of their own kind. Hence it grows bleached-white wood parts to mimic the shape and appearance of bones, then wraps the vinelike portions of its body through these "bones" to make itself much larger than its actual body is.

In particular, Verexiria has grown similarly shaped parts to the skull of a Tigrex (modified), wing-talons of Raths (though modified), leg-talons of Raths (again modified), wingblades of a Nargacuga, and tailblade of a Glavenus. It's physical moveset is a mix of all these, with unnatural flexibility imparted by the vines, allowing it to unhinge joints at will and massively deviate from whatever its mimicking normally can do.

  • several different charge & tail sweep/slam attacks

  • a couple different biting moves

  • it can do a wing sweep attack where the wrist joint unhinges, allowing its sweep to have further range than a Narg doing a similar attack. However as Verexiria is much heavier, it doesn't side-strafe & leap, but rather does a longer-range unhinging sweep while remaining stationary.

  • It can stand on one leg while bending the other sideways or backwards like an arm to grab, uncounterably pin (meaning Dung Pod has no effect), and throw people who think trying to camp under its feet like a Rath is a good idea.

  • the skull unhinges at the jaw connection, and can also split down the middle into four moving parts, which can then be used to swipe at, slam, jab at, or pin hunters as a set of four additional, extendable, flexible arms. However, this does reveal the monster's actual face, which is covered in turquoise-blue, diamond-shaped scales. It's actual eyes gleam silver and glow in the dark.

Unique mechanics: When it enrages, it will flare up a short aura of a random status (Poison, Para, Sleep, or Blast), which then causes that color of toxin to be pumped throughout its whole body. The color would be similarly visible to how Alatreon's mode-switching makes it change color. It will stick to this status until it rage-roars again, at which time the status will change.

Every attack involving its Tigrex-mimic skull, wing-talons, leg-talons, tailblade, & wingblades will inflict whatever status the monster is charged with.

It can also do a semi-generic "fireball-like" attack from the jaws of the Tigrex skull made of concentrated liquid explosive laced with the status effect. A hunter hit by this move would be sent flying first and then the status would kick in upon trying to get up.

Signature Attack: Verexiria's upper back (not shown clearly in the picture) is coated in a rainbow-colored mosaic of scales from the various prey its eaten. Like the fins of whales, no two individuals are alike. The scales can stand on end, and harpoon-like wood growths attached to vines underneath the scales can launch out into the air, plunging down onto targets. This "ballistic vine" attack can happen at the end of any attack combo, but it remains stationary while performing the move. The vines will stab into the ground or its target and inject whatever status is coursing in its vine bloodstream into the target, or create puddles of that status on the ground for two minutes til they dissipate.


This attack has the telltale noise of the scales standing up, a loud "SH-SHINK" like sharpening of a blade, before the vines launch from its back and home in on the target. When the vines impact into the ground, they might get stuck for a few seconds and can be sliced off for carves before they create toxin puddles. One cutting hit will work.

It can also use these to move around faster than it otherwise would. It can launch them at the feet of a target to throw itself at a target faster than it can charge. It can launch them at low-ish ceilings to grapple off of them and leap very far. It can launch them at walls to climb them or kick off them Barioth-style before flying at hunters.

In Turf Wars, it launches two Ballistic Vines at the target and throws itself at said target at high speed. Then once the target is down it will unhinge its skull and bite down very hard. If that doesn't work it resorts to the liquid explosive attack at point-blank range.

How to Kill this abomination: Firstly, Partbreaker is your friend here. Every one of its bone-mimic parts can be broken off and carved, as can the Ballistic Vines. While the vines grow back the other parts don't. Hence Hunters literally have to slowly dismember the thing while its still alive. Both wing-blades, both wing-talons, the claws on its feet, the tail blade, the colorful back scales, the rib cage, all four skull quarters, and the monster's actual head. It's all breakable and carveable.

It's initial physical weak spots are its true face and its chest. Any part the bone-like wood is broken off from also becomes a weak spot.

Elementally speaking this thing is weak to Ice, not fire. It lives in wet forested regions where fires are difficult to start due to all the humidity.

Weapons: The weapons are high raw, moderate amounts of status, with different "colors" change-able in the Smithy depending on what status you want the weapons to have. They all have -10% to -20% affinity. The name of the weapon changes depending on what color it is.

  • SnS: Hellfire Rose ("Indigo"/"Topaz"/"Scarlet"/"Turquoise")

  • DB: Wicked Thorns ("Curse"/"Venom"/"Turmoil"/"Coma")

  • LS: Nightmare's Farewell ("Toxin"/"Serrated"/"Volatility"/"Dream")

  • Hammer: Warped Skull ("Notched"/"Neurotic"/"Instability"/"Blossom")

  • Hunting Horn: Reaper's Harmonic ("Chime"/"Soundwave"/"Encore"/"Hypnosis")

  • Switch Axe: Morphing Vine ("Amethyst"/"Citrine"/"Ruby"/"Sapphire")

  • Charge Blade: Resurrection ("Blackened"/"Stained"/"Malformed"/"Sabotaged")

  • Insect Glaive: Tainted Branch ("Laced"/"Spiked"/"Primed"/"Wilted")

  • Bow: Piercing Vinebow: ("Purple"/"Gold"/"Orange"/"Blue")

  • Heavy Bowgun: Punctuated Equilibrium

  • Light Bowgun: Natural Selection

Armor Set: Gives a unique skill called Toxin Master (could be its set bonus), which quadruples poison damage per tick, doubles paralysis damage, multiplies blast damage by 1.5, and triples damage on the wakeup hit from sleep. Rest of the set gives Evade Extender, Wellness (negates effects of all statuses), Negate Stun, & Attack Up lvl7. No idea how many slots it'd have.

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