Monster Hunter World

New player to world, and very frustrated.

MonsterHunterWorld9 - New player to world, and very frustrated.

I know the standard response to complaints of these kinds is likely "git gud," but I'm frustrated with the way this game can waste a huge chunk of your time through no fault of your own. I'm about 27 hours in, and I feel like probably 7 or 8 of those hours were completely wasted because of failed quests or monsters fleeing the area after I've beat them badly.

I just spent half an hour in an expedition for the quest where you first encounter rathalos. It wanted me to return to base or whatever, but I thought "hey, there's one of them right here, I'll just knock out half of this real quick." Yeah, so much for that. I beat the crap out of monster, it runs. I track it down, it runs again. I catch up with it again and get jumped by rathian at the same time, and rathalos runs again, I barley escape with my life, literally poisoned AND on fire as I do. I find the monster, engage it, and the same thing happens again, I can't chase it right away because rathian was directly between me and the direction it fled. Next thing I know the handler chimes in with "Looks like the monster got away…" or whatever. That's the third time this has happened to me, and I've very frustrating every time. It always happens on the longest and most difficult hunts as well, which is doubly shitty.


Then there's joining a quest only to fail due to a faint limit, that most of the time I haven't even contributed to (except that once, and that was bullshit roared, charged, stunned, knocked into a corner and tailwhipped to death… full health to dead in one inescapable cycle. "You could have used stun resist…" who has stun resist gear 10 hours into this game?). It makes me not want to group with people near my own HR, which shouldn't be an incentive in a multiplayer game. 3 faints for 1 player? Plenty. 3 faints for 4 players? Not so much, when there's one guy using the starter greatsword and plain leather armor that thinks he's fuckin' Rambo.

Then there's mid-fight "preparation." "Oh man, I just knocked him down, time to tear him up! Wait, my weapon's not sharp anymore… FUCK!" "Oh, my kinsect buffs just wore off, guess I'll spend my next 30 seconds missing it's wings and head repeatedly because I'm running in circles to avoid being charged or something."

This game's item selection system for using items is absolutely horrible. You need like 10+ different things on your bar for different scenarios, but switching between the them all is clunky AF, and very distracting from battle.

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