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I'm talking about statuses weapons can inflict. The last one added to the series was blast in 3u (no I don't count elderseal), 9 years ago, which is a shame cause there are many possibilities still left to explore.


With how many monsters currently inflicting bleed it's a no brainer to add this one. I have two ideas.

1) If the clutch claw/tenderising mechanic fucks right off (which it seamingly will, thank god) I'd make it a kind of tenderising clone. If you reach the threshold the monsters part you last attacked is tenderised (less of a hzv increase than the current implementation so it doesn't overshadow poison and blast, also no wex+, 1 minute duration). Tenderised parts work like they work currently (less bouncing, hzv increase etc) but they also give a part break (not flinch though) multiplier to attacking the tenderised part. That last change was cause I felt that, for all its shortcomings, clutch claw made breaking parts pretty fun and actually made fights like the metal raths etc pretty good.

2) If tenderising stays, I'd make it a standard "if enemy attacks it takes damage" status. It certainly be tough to balance and blast/poison would probably win over it in a speedrun setting (faster hunt, less attacks), but it'd be fun casually. It's also much closer to the effect bleed has on the player. You would be able to build it up when an enemy is afflicted, if you build to the threashold while the Mon is afflicted the timer resets (it's give this change to poison too so it's not strictly worse than blast).


Current monsters whose weapons would inflict this status: Nargacuga, ruiner nergigante, Sergio's, odogaron, slicemargl.


Malfestio rocks

Confuses the enemy monster, making it use it's long range attacks while you are close and vice versa. Would break a lot of monsters in half (imagine standing next to plesioth while it spams beam, deeps for days) so it'd need to be balanced properly with exploitable monster having higher resistance. Also it might be really time-consuming to do due to the way ai is programmed but whatever, we are theorycrafting, let's not get stuck up to technicallities. Also pack type monsters (dromes, greats etc) and couples (raths, stras, gougarfs) actively prioritise attacking their pal/mate/whatever ludroths are to great ludroth.

Current monsters whose weapons would inflict this status: Malfestio, probably sprinkle it as a hidden element to the shitton of non elemental mons.


What does effluvium do? Half your health bar. Because halving the monsters health would be dumb, I'd make it halve a parts current health. Would be useful for those increasingly common mandatory part breaks capcom throws at us (ceudeus, fatalis, alatreon etc). Wouldn't work if the quest's goal is to break a part (wouldn't want someone to take half of kulves health away for example.)

Current monsters whose weapons would inflict this status: Vaal Hazak, Blackveil Vaal Hazak, acidic glavenus (hidden element).

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