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New To / Learning Switch Axe, Seeking Advice / Tips & Tricks + Some Questions.

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Hello Guys, as the title says I'm seeking advice / Tips for Switch Axes. I really like the explosive aspect of the Switch Axe. Now for Some Questions.

  • Armor Skills – What are the Core / Mandatory Switch Axe Armor skill(s) for each type of Switch Axes? Focus? Atk Up? etc…

  • Discharge Damage – I want to play around Discharge(Elemental Discharge / Discharge Finisher). Are there Skills that Help increase the Damage of the Discharge? If so, What is it for Each type of Switch Axe? For Example, Does Dragon Attack Up increases the Dragon Discharge Finisher, Slugger / Drain Attack, <X>Elemental Attack Up etc…?

  • Weapon(s) Variety – Are All Switch Axe equally Good or is there one specific Switch Axe that Over POWERS them all? E.g Charge Blade, The Diablos Charge Blade is pretty much the One and Only Charge Blade there is, Nothing really beats it.

  • Augmentation(s) – Are there Augment Priority for Switch Axes? Affinity + Health, Attack Up + Affinity, Attack Up + Health? etc…

  • Individual Skill(s) – What are some Specific skills that you guys like to Run for Switch Axes that isn't mandatory? E.g Earplug? Focus? E.g Some/Most Charge Blade user run Guard+1 etc…

  • Discharge Finisher – Can I get knock / Roar Out of my Discharge Finisher? If so, What Level of Earplug Do I Need so that wont happen? Level 5?


  • Switch Axe Type – What is the Go-To SwitchAxe that I should Craft for Each Type?

  • Kulve Taroth Weapon(s) – Are there any KT weapons that I should Look out for?

Thats All for now,

Many Thank!

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