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New to MHW? Watch the movie Predator

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Monster Hunter World newbies have it all wrong. They think reading Reddit to get the most current “meta” will improve their play. This is the wrong approach. What’s the right approach? Take 1 hour and 46 minutes out of your day, turn on Netflix or AppleTV, and watch the greatest movie of all time – Predator. Major Dutch Schaefer is the ultimate Monster Hunter, and we can all learn from his tactics to improve our play and cart less. We can also learn from his hapless squad members, as their frequent mistakes provide a nice opportunity to learn how to avoid carting. A quick summation of the valuable tips I learned from a classic 1987 movie that had two governors cast in prominent roles (so it has to be legit right?).

WARNING – SPOILERS – If you are one of the 10 male adults in the USA who hasn’t seen the movie Predator, stop reading now and watch the movie (and as an aside, get out more).

(NOTE TO MODS – Sincerely giving some valuable tips here on MHW so hopefully this post is fine.)

Mistakes to learn from:

1) Pick your squad mates carefully. The Predator squad had it all wrong. All of them went in equipped with range attack weapons, with a few ballistic builds. You need a well-rounded squad. Support, range and melee. Lone wolfs, liars, cowards, etc., need not apply. Predator shows us this.

2) Know your enemy. Clearly the “rescue team” in Predator failed to read their monster handbook before heading out. They completed ignored the target’s weaknesses, resistances, etc. Predator was vulnerable to fire, flash pods and blast damage. But because the squad didn’t research, they all carted. Ecological research is a must before heading out to battle.

3) Avoid HBGs with high deviation. All the squad members had high deviation weapons that prevented them from hitting the Predator with accuracy. Their bowguns needed recoil mods in the worst way. Embarrasing to see Mac flail wildly when he used Wyverheart to no avail. He was all over the place with no accuracy.


4) Leave the Longsword at home. Billy learned this the hard way near the end of the movie.

5) Don’t forget to switch your decos. Blain (Jessie “The Body” Ventura) says in the movie, “I don’t have time to bleed.” Well, he bled, and died, because he forgot to equip his suture decos. Sloppy.

6) Keep your head on a swivel. Mac, Dillon (Carl Weathers) and Blain learned this the hard way. Always be aware of your surroundings.

7) Don’t troll your squadmates. A happy and together team is an effective team. In Predator, squad mates had agendas and were selfish. Yet another reason most of them carted.

What Dutch (Arnold) taught us:

1) Pick your weapon wisely and consider elemental weaknesses. Dutch went with a bow (guessing Tier 6) with fire coating on the arrows. Proved very effective. Pick your weapon based on the target.

2) Ghillie mantles work. Dutch used his “mud Ghillie mantle” extremely effectively during the end of the movie.

3) Take advantage of your target’s weaknesses. Dutch used flash pods (they work – bring them!), equipped a weapon suitable for the target (Bow), mantles, and Evade Extender 2. Learn from Dutch.

4) Create distractions. Dutch effectively uses distraction tactics much like MHW players use slingers. Slingers and bait are in the game for a reason. Use them. Dutch showed us the way.

5) Water can help alleviate certain status effects. As Dutch shows us, water can not only nullify fire blight, but also a nuclear explosion (who knew?).

I’m sure I’m missing a massive amount of material so feel free to add through comments the valuable lessons you learned from watching Dutch effectively kill a target with a non-meta build and light armor. Gear is a big part of MHW, but knowing how to play is equally if not more important.

You're welcome.

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