Monster Hunter World

New to the series and with a bunch of questions.

MonsterHunterWorld4 - New to the series and with a bunch of questions.

Obligatory english is not my first language, sorry for any typos or lack of coherence. Also i have searched the following questions and have not found clear answers, if said question have already been answered, then i am sorry for not finding them, the search bar is really weird.

So i am a complete newcomer to the series and i am loving the game, playing on the ps4 and having a blast, but i have reached a point of the game where high rank missions opened up, and with that, a whole lot more stuff and i cant help but feel overwhelmed, hopefully a kind soul will be able to help me. Right now my main quest is looking for ????Rathian trail.

  1. Unlocking high rank quests. The game says that if i find a monster during a high rank expedition, a high rank quest will be unlocked for said monster. So i head to the ancient forest, i am absolutely sure its high rank, and i find a Rathalos, the game rewards me with xp for "discovering" a rathalos, im thinking no way in hell im taking on him, so i head back to the base and then to Astera. No quest for rathalos in unlocked, no investigation or anything. Do i have to hunt him first or am i missing something else entirely?

  2. Having a hard time finding guides and resources of info in the game. Wiki is nice but i need more than just that, this is the main reason i am making this thread. If you can point me to guides, videos or anything with a lot updated info would be awesome.

  3. Hunter rank. I seem to be stuck on HR 11, from reading other threads i know that there is content locked behing HR. How worried should i be with this whole situation? Should i be leveling? How this "locks" work? Anything else i should know about it.

  4. What should i be focusing right now? In the moment i have a low rank Legiana armor set and i am maining the bow, have a few of those already. Question is, should i be grinding for better gear? Progressing through the story? Honestly a bit lost whith this one.

  5. Events. I am under the impression that events are very hard and have some sweet loot, when should i tackle certain events? Are there conditions that i must meet before? Also on a bit of a lost here, somehow there is a Horizon and a Witcher event according to google but i cant find anything in game.

  6. Gear. Earlier i wrote that i have a Legiana set, which looks beautiful and has the good luck bonus, also i am maining the bow and i love it, feels like a very viable weapon but has its weaknesses. Question is, should i change sets? Whats the difference between the alpha and beta armor? Should i pick a secondary weapon to cover for the bow when it does not do the job and what weapon would that be?

  7. Final one. Anything else you think i should know right now and thing i should look forward to.

    I know thats a lot but as i said, feeling overhelmed, will be going to sleep right now so i should check back in about 7 hours, already grateful for any help and assistance anyone can give.

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