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New update (PC)

MonsterHunterWorld2 - New update (PC)

Title Update: Major Additions and Changes

Steam announcement pages: Part 1, Part 2

On Tuesday, October 30 at 23:00 UTC, we released Title Update 3, which includes some bug fixes.

Major New Content:

The Autumn Harvest Fest will be held again on Wednesday, October 31 from 00:00 a.m. to 23:59 UTC.

Kulve Taroth Siege

This is a limited-time special siege, available from Friday, November 2 00:00 a.m. UTC to Thursday, November 15 23:59 UTC.

This siege introduces a new monster, Kulve Taroth, which you will have to investigate with other players through an Online Session.

After completing the game (at HR 16 or higher), you may find Scattered Gold Chips during expeditions or optional quests. If you harvest them, the Admiral will appear in Astera, and you will be able to start the siege by talking to him.

All players in the Online Session have to work together to completely break the giant horns of Kulve Taroth, an elder dragon with a glittering coat of metal.

The Kulve Taroth Siege quest Banquet in the Earthen Hall requires a party of 4.

The more parties join the quest, the higher the chance of completing it. When one of the parties repels Kulve Taroth, all players in the Online Session receive a reward corresponding to how many research objectives they completed during the siege.

Materials obtained from this quest allow you to craft the Kulve Taroth α and Kulve Taroth β armor sets for your Hunter, and the Kulve Taroth Set α for your Palico.

Appraisal items obtained during this siege quest may contain random weapons.

Bushi Tickets let you create the Felyne Samurai Set α for your Palico.

New layered armor series: Bushi "Homare" and Bushi "Sabi."

Play the Banquet in the Earthen Hall quest to unlock delivery requests for each part of the Bushi "Homare" and Bushi "Sabi" series.

The Kulve Taroth Siege is only available for a limited time, but we plan to bring it back regularly in the future as well.

From Wednesday, October 31 00:00 a.m. UTC, you will be able to purchase the following DLC items:

Character Edit Voucher: Single Voucher

Character Edit Voucher: Two-Voucher Pack

Character Edit Voucher: Three-Voucher Pack

Each of the above items can only be purchased once.

If you have more than one character, the voucher will be consumed as soon as you use it on one character. Hairstyles, eyebrow color, facial hair, makeup, and clothing can be changed without using a voucher by going to the item box in your room.

You cannot change the name of your Hunter, or the name/appearance of your Palico.

Major Additions and Changes:

Added HDR Mode to the display settings.

From the main menu, go to Options and select "Screen Mode / HDR Setting."

This option is only available on Windows 10.

Revised the list of actions available under "Keyboard Settings" in the Options menu.

You can now set Interact, Speak, Gather, Carve, and Special Attack to separate buttons.


Added "One Key Keyboard Shortcuts" to Options.

On: Press a shortcut key (any number key from 1 to 8) to immediately use the shortcut for the most recently used radial menu.

Off: Press a radial menu key (by default, any key from F1 to F4) to bring up a radial menu, then press a shortcut key (any number key from 1 to 8) to use the shortcut.

This is only displayed in the Options when "Radial Menu Type" is set to "Keyboard."

Added "Start Menu Player Movement" to Options.

When "Start Menu Player Movement" is set to "Off", the player movement keys (WASD) are used to move your menu selection while the menu is open.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug preventing 43 titles that were available in the console versions from unlocking in the Steam version.

Fixed a bug that prevented certain textures from being loaded optimally during character creation and cutscenes.

Fixed a bug where stars wouldn't be shown at night.

Fixed a bug causing error code 83-MW1 to occur. A message will now only be displayed when the connection to Steam is actually cut off.

Fixed a bug causing hair to clip into the character's mouth when equipping Brigade Lobos, Brigade Lobos α, or Brigade Lobos β on certain hairstyles.

Fixed a bug where the "Cannot take rewards because your item box is full" message would be displayed even if the item box was not full when using the "Take All" function at The Botanical Research Center.

Fixed a bug at the Elder Melder where, when changing the number of materials and then cancelling using mouse controls, the number of items would not return to the previous value and remain the same as before cancelling.

When using keyboard settings, assigning any key other than the default key to Browse Items Left and Browse Items Right for ranged weapons would result in items not scrolling when the key was held down. This has been fixed.

Fixed a bug allowing some actions to be performed that would otherwise not be possible by simultaneously pressing a function key and a number key for the custom radial menu when using keyboard settings.

Fixed a bug where text overlap would occur when using items with long names on the custom radial menu when using keyboard settings.

Fixed a bug where the game would get stuck on the "Creating a new Online Session" message when trying to create a new Online Session.

Fixed a bug where players who joined an Online Session after you would not have their primary group names and icons shown on the player list.

Important: The latest version of MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD is revision number 157749. You can verify the version number in the top-left corner when you launch the game in windowed mode. Keep in mind that you can only match with other players who have the same update version as you.

For other questions, please visit the official MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD support portal below.


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