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World is my first monster hunter. 400hrs in and I can say without a doubt it's been the best bang for my buck video game wise ever. I love it, and the depth of gameplay the many weapons bring to the fights. The only thing that really nags me about the 14 weapons is the duality of most with the exception of 2.

The sword and shield / dual blades Great sword / long sword Hammer / hunting horn Lbg / hbg Charge blade / switch axe Lance / gunlance

they all kind of go together thematically or share combat ideas. The two that don't really fit together being insect glaive and bow. I've done some daydreaming on what I'd like to see as weapons that would "fit" the nature of the one across from it.

Across from the bow: the "javelin and shield"

This weapon would combine quick low damage melee jab combos with being able to throw higher damage javelins, not unlike a dragon piercer, but with a limited number of charges (2 or 3) that have to recharge (Think Lbg mines). It has a shield with the blocking capacities of the sns, and the ability to use coatings like the bow.


Across from the insect glaive: the "spear"

I know what you're thinking… not very inspiring, but I'd really like this weapon to be precise, charging and high damage. I think it would be cool to retain the vaulting mechanic the insect glaive has, but make it way less mobile. Think pole vault/ catapulting a good distance to fall from the skies in dive bomb fashion spear first.

There are a couple things I'm thinking could go well with these ideas to flesh them out more, but these are the basics. Anything to add to my weapon daydreams? Got weapon daydreams of your own? This community is awesome and I'd love to hear what y'all think.

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