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Newb’s guide to Kulve Taroth Siege

MonsterHunterWorld2 - Newb's guide to Kulve Taroth Siege



Chill Drink

Demon potion

Armor potion

10 Mega Elixirs

Ancient potion

2 Max Potions

Vitality Mantle

Temporal Mantle

Save your mantles for area 2 which is the first time she's in a round arena.

Eat for DEFENSE, please. It is the difference between taking a hit and healing, and taking a hit and carting.

Skip the intro, please. KT is already moving and you want to be getting into position. Everyone else is fuming at the screen while you watch it pan around her. If you want to see the into, start a solo siege and then leave when you've seen it, it doesn't change.

Additionally: Do not mount her, until area 4, please. This is when it is important and you will make the mount you want in area 4 harder/impossible if you do this.


Damage. I run this fight in a Crit/Attack Power armor set with a 'Styx' IG and I can regularly pull 2nd or 1st in damage (Admittedly a fair amount of that comes from the cannons, see bellow). If you are mindful of the AOEs the Fire Defense isn't going to be as valuable as damage at the end of the fight. Caveat is that if you find yourself carting, maybe you should be wearing fire resist while you learn how to read her moves. Those tail swipes and rolls can one shot you if your gear isn't augmented and you aren't reacting fast enough. The aoe fire spew is also pretty painful, but if you react quick enough it can be escaped… but remember I'm and IG user, and used to being able to Z-axis out of such things…

The Hunt:

-Area 1-

Once the hunt starts, pop your ancient potion for max HP/Stam and jump off the cliff. While you are falling activate your slinger and hook the wedge beetle (these are all over, learn them) that is slightly to your left. Swing up to the platform, run straight across it until you reach your first cannon. Help load it, and let someone who knows angle it (into middle of road to the right of where its pointed). Some powerful players may go down and distract her. Hopefully they know what they are doing and can knock her around to let you get your shot off.

Fire one barrage of 5 at her face and asses the situation. If you have teammates keeping her busy, reload. If you don't have team mates keeping her busy, turn around and run back the way you came and bear to your right. There will be another cannon. Load this cannon and angle it to the right side of the pile of rocks and WAIT, she will almost always come down this path and walk right into its line of fire. You will loose one shot to the rocks, its OK.

While your doing all of this try to pay attention to where the hanging rocks you can dump on her are. Let the teammates that know the siege dump them on her, its a lot of damage to loose if you miss. 2.3k a pop and she is stunned for a bit, if this happens where you can aim a cannon at her you can get a full load off on her if you are at/near the cannon already. Remember, in this phase the cannons do more damage than 90% of players with their weapons.

Now what do you do? Reload both cannons, or if KT has gone on a weird path, find another cannon that is ahead of where she is going, after a few runs you'll learn where they are and when you can get some shots off. But she often comes back down this path allowing you to get shots off from both again. If you have strong companions who are taking off parts you might only get the two good shots off before they chase her to area 2. Some players may be strong enough to ignore the cannons and take her apart with their weapons. Hopefully they are helping you, if they aren't able to break parts off reliably in this phase.When she heads for area two make sure you are buffed and sharpened. This will start a series of arena fights. If you're a little slow she may burrow, if she does, you can run up and drop some barrels that she will trigger when she rises. This isn't super important, because you're not after her horns yet.


-Area 2-

Drink your Demon potion, and your Armor potion, sharpen your weapon if need be. This is where you attack her in erst. In area 2, your target priority is: Chest > Tail > Head. Breaking the chest causes her to go 'molten' which is when her scales get all soft and mushy and she becomes one big orange weak point. Once she does this, or any time you can't aim her chest, start wailing on her TAIL. If you want those sweet sweet incandescent boxes, you need to 'free' her from her golden shell. You can get to her horns soon, I promise. When you've done enough damage to her, or you 'free' her she will shortly move to area 3. Pick up all the loots you think you have time for and then RETURN TO BASE.

AT BASE: Swap whichever of your two mantels you used last for your Fireproof Mantle. Replace your Mega Barrels if you used them earlier. Climb up the vines and then run/slide down the long shoot which will dump you back out at the entrance to area 3. Put your Fire Proof mantle on and drink your Chill Drink.

-Area 3-

If KT has shed her golden armor, skip this step. If she has NOT been 'freed' there are rocks and a magma geyser and a hanging rock to the right. Run opposite the geyser from her and try to get her to sit on it. At the same time get her under the rock so someone can dump it on her. Try to be patient, it's easy to miss when she suddenly decides to roll. Once the rocks have fallen, and the geyser has done its blast, run across the magma to the bigger island and lure her too it, there is another geyser here along with two hanging rocks. Dump the rocks on her head and keep trying to break that tail, it has many pieces.

If KT HAS shed her golden armor and is 'freed', she will not stay in area 3 very long. Beat her up, and maybe drop a rock on her, until she runs to area 4.

-Area 4-

Here is where you get your chance at her horns. She's going to move faster, dump AOE fire effects on the ground, do the line blast and charge more. Use the big unbreakable rock in the center of the arena as a shield and do everything you SAFELY can to break her horns. No one, including you, likes people carting quickly when you've finally got your team here. Play it cautious. If you have a semi competent LBG and/or aerial IG with you, taking out the horns shouldn't be much trouble.

This is where you finally want to mount. Make sure you have the stamina to do it. Its a waste when you get a mount with a sliver of stamina and get thrown, wasting the mount and making a second harder or impossible due to time. When you have mounted move to her head/horns quickly and start stabbing, while waiting for the charge. When she charges swap positions so she rams her head into the wall, this will take a huge chunk out of your mount mini game meter and allow you to down her easier.

The rest is dodging her attacks, getting away from her fire AOE spew, and doing as much damage as possible to the horns. When you can't hit the horns, try to break the tail, but remember that the good loot is all in that horn break.

Try to be mindful, especially once you get to area 4, that some player may be using sleep. Be ready to stop attacking when she falls and dump the barrels that you remembered to pick up/replace on her head.

I hope this is helpful to everyone new to KT. A lot of it was learned being a newb at the siege myself. A lot of these lessons were learned the hard way and I apologize to all the people who's runs I ruined carting or wasting resources because I wasn't familiar with the above. There are other guides out there, but this is mine. Hope it helps.

Good Hunting.

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