Monster Hunter World

Newcomer to the series feeling extremely frustrated and discouraged

MonsterHunterWorld3 - Newcomer to the series feeling extremely frustrated and discouraged

So, I've never played a Monster Hunter game before and I heard that World is by far the most accessible for new players. I'm also really bad at video games in general and recognize that Monster Hunter is a lot less casual than what I normally stick to, so I expected a pretty steep learning curve. I have to say though, I'm absolutely getting humiliated by this game and worried I genuinely don't have what it takes to even git gud. I'm curious to know if anyone with more experience can tell me if they think it's worth continuing or if I should cut my losses and pick a different game.

My issue is that I don't even feel like I'm playing the same game as everyone else, because none of the mechanics seem to actually work for me in practice (and the game is honestly not helpful at explaining anything other than the absolute bare basics, so I've been spending a ton of time reading guides and watching tutorials trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing).

It's my understanding that the game is supposed to be based on careful, methodical positioning and timing, getting your character exactly where they need to be to sneak in damage to a monster's weak points and get out in time before the position is no longer safe, using the environment to your advantage, and learning to anticipate their movements. I've also heard that the monsters follow clear patterns and telegraph everything well enough that someone like me with awful reflexes could still manage to avoid the attacks. That all honestly sounds fun to me, and like something I could get the hang of with enough trial and error.

My experience however is that fighting monsters is complete, unadulterated chaos because they are constantly moving in fast, violent and unpredictable ways that makes landing a hit on them, let alone an entire combo, basically impossible. They seem to just never stop thrashing and flailing around and I can't make out any pattern or identifiable tells, nor do the actual attacks ever give me time to get any more than a single hit in. Combos might as well not exist, and any time I'm within range to hit a monster I always get hit myself before I can vacate the area. These windows of opportunity to get in and attack…I don't see them. Ever.


I'm trying to hunt the Pukei Pukei right now and every attempt I've made to fight the damn thing and try to learn anything about its movements is instantly ruined by the Anjanath showing up and beelining for me while the Pukei flies halfway across the map. It's hard enough for me to fight the monsters with how chaotic the combat is, but when another monster keeps interrupting? It feels like I'm being pranked.

This game makes me feel like I have a learning disability. I feel like I'm getting blasted with this constant torrent of information and none of it ever actually works the way it should on paper in a real fight…combos, using the slinger, trying to target weak points, trying to navigate the radial menu, trying to hide in bushes or find environmental traps to use…my brain does not move fast enough to take all that in and maintain a constantly updated plan of where I need to be and what attack I need to be doing. Adding in additional monsters make it 10000x worse. It's like being blindfolded and surrounded with people holding baseball bats.

Am I just a complete, hopeless miserable idiot or is this a common experience for new players? Like I said, I'm not good at games in general but I've never felt this overwhelmed and hopeless just trying to get into the early stages of a game. Nothing about the combat makes sense or feels "right" to me because of the slowness and low mobility of my hunter compared to the monsters, who can outmaneuver me all day while casually taking off a third of my health with each hit. I can't land hits, I can't dodge hits, I certainly can't string together combos, I can't position myself in a safe space, I can't recognize the tells, I can't anticipate anything, and I can't deal with multiple monsters. That doesn't leave much I feel like I can do. Maybe I am just really fucking dumb.

Edit: I’m not the one downvoting everyone giving me actual advice, in case it wasn’t clear

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