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Niche strategies, obscure or low interest information/data, do you anything to share for us all?

maxresdefault 1024x576 - Niche strategies, obscure or low interest information/data, do you anything to share for us all?

While there is quite a wealth of data/guides on the games in general, there is always those little details that don't get mentioned or are not known by the general playerbase, but may be useful sometimes/used in niche strategies/builds etc…

I have some recent examples of stuff I stumbled upon, which may (but most likely) won't be useful to you, and I'd love to hear some examples of similar information. Without further ado:

  • Insect glaive Striker Style: while you may know it as the style with a very restrictive combo, only having the X button for glaive attacks, one slight edge it offers, that is barely spoken is that: having the A button for kinsect attacks means that you can charge your kinsect attack while attacking with the glaive, or evading. Meaning you can do some combo when you have an opening, charge in the mean time, and quickly release a super kinsect attack at the end.

  • Bowgun Heavy shots: Being very interested by the concept of internal ammos and their use, I was always surprised of the low Motion Value of heavy shots (lvl 1 having 9, and lvl 2 12, which is the same as Normal 2). Now they are also advertised as having a part-breaker effect, but those are generally of the order of 10 or 20%, which is barely anything to offset having a shot with a weird trajectory, high recoil, low total ammo and no extra damage.


However, after a quick test against the Village 3* Kut-ku, shooting on the head with the same LBG in the same conditions and with critical distance, I would get a flinch (and a break at second flinch) in 5 Normal 2 shots, but in only 2 Heavy shots. Even after the break. That would mean than the "partbeaker effect" of increased damage towards flinches is at least 100%!! I would need to do more rigorous testing when I have access to late-game LBG with more capacity.

  • Fighter Prowler Fury Swipes: Fighter prowler's main gimmick is to stay as long as possible in fury mode to gain access to the aerial vault, and to the X+A attack exclusive to fury mode, which makes you swipe continuously while walking forwards. But while using it with my Protect cat, profitting of the usual rage mode, I noticed something: Fighter cat walks much faster (like twice as fast!) during this fury swipes animation than the Proctect cat did (and I presume it's the same for the other types). It makes it much better at being able to keep attacking without having to dodge in between too.

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