Monster Hunter World

Noobish questions from a fresh new player

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Noobish questions from a fresh new player

Hi guys. I just started MHW a few days ago on my PS4 and I'm still getting used to everything. I've tried to solve most of these questions by reading guides, and although I learned a lot, they remain unanswered. So…


  1. How friendly it is towards new players, or am I going to get paired up with much stronger players who'll eat up everything including items and XP? Should I be concerned about scams or anything?

  2. What difference does it make if I'm hosting or joining a world towards quest completion and the like?


  1. Which are – if there are any – the 'premium' items I should be absolutely saving from the start? Should I be focusing on collecting something special for the long run and/or achievements and quests?

  2. I'm still saving nearly everything I have (hoarding, really) instead of crafting armor and items. Should I be using all my items? Money? Research points?



  1. Most guides I read said "every weapon in the game is invaluable" and/or "you can't go wrong". But for every multiplayer game, I know for sure there are "classes" which are loved or hated so… in the current state of the game, should I be fine with my chosen Insect Glaive for multiplayer purposes?

  2. Also, should I be training around with any other weapons that covers Insect Glaive's weaknesses for certain monsters? Which ones?


  1. I'm having a terrible experience with R3 Targetting. It always "chooses" the furthest monster and messes up the whole combat. Any tips in this subject?

Thank you, reddit!

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