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Hey there everyone, I thought I'd share some things I've learned over the years and address some issues I've been seeing lately. So here's a couple of tips useful for hunters, whether you're new to the series, just getting back, or you just haven't heard them before.

So first off a common thing I notice people doing is chasing the monster, and I feel this is a bad habit a lot of hunters (including myself) can get into, now sure there are times where you will want to run after the monster, but generally I find it much better to let the monster chase you. By doing this you can take better control of the fight and obtain stronger positioning for things like mounting. Now where I especially see a problem with this is in 4 player hunts when people just run around the map without minding the positions of their fellow hunters, which can lead to baiting some annoying moves from monsters. Also some areas are just bad to fight in, don't miss an opportunity to pull a monster to a zone with lots of ledges or especially rocks you can drop on a monsters head. Area 8 of Elder's Recess is a prime example and especially useful for Elder Dragons, if a monster is in area 9 pull it to 8.

On the subject of positioning it's always good to know where you should be hitting, generally this is an easy one (just aim for weak spots) but when a monster is knocked over, stunned, or otherwise cc'd it can get a little complicated. Sure you can shoot your wyvernfire in a monsters face, but if you've got a hammer user wailing on it you probably should aim elsewhere, remember that your attacks can affect your teammates, so try and position where everyone can do the most.

A quick note on mounting, try and watch when a teammate has mounted, use the time it provides to either get free damage if you're ranged or sharpen up if you're melee, try and guess where they'll fall and prep things like boosters, maybe even try and time a charged attack.


Always let the greatsword user wake a sleeping monster, and never wake a monster until everyone's had a chance to place their mega barrel bombs (if you have no gs try and give priority to whoever has the strongest single hit). Always bring at least 2 mega barrel bombs for this very reason, although 4 doesn't hurt. And on the topic of sleeping monsters remember to pay attention to your teammates weapons, and if they've got sleep listen for when the music stops, that's your queue to stop hitting the monster because it's falling asleep.

Don't be afraid to bring tools, and tailor your gear and items for what you're hunting. If Val kills you a bunch maybe try some Effluvia Resistance Lv 3, it'll cut must of his kill pressure. Items like poison smoke bombs can add a nice bit of damage and are easy to use, especially on a mounted monster. Dung bombs are amazing if you find yourself between 2 angry monsters, and screamers will help you make short work of Diablos. Also if you haven't, try and check your hunter's notes at least once a monster, the field guide has a lot of good info like elemental weaknesses and weak and breakable spots.

On the topic of breakable spots, try and aim for them as a team when possible (assuming like I said earlier you aren't getting in somebody's way). Breaking parts is a great way to stagger or knock a monster, and lead to greater rewards/carves.

Of course I feel a post like this is never complete without mentioning basics like don't flash a mounted monster, traps don't work on elders, and bring life powder for allies. Generally people have gotten better at this stuff but it's still worth saying.

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