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Now that Iceborne’s here…

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Now that Iceborne's here...

Hello all,

With Iceborne now out and awakening ultra instinct in all the veterans once more (before IB, I had forgotten that MHW didn't have a G-rank equivalent yet)… I re-watched SkillUps review of MHW and something happened in my mind…

Back when I was playing MHF on my PSP, I remember beating Lao Shan Lung and standing in the gathering hall with my hands trembling. I took a break for the day and while eating dinner I reflected on my experience with the game… The music was still playing in my mind bringing back images of me jumping on a dragons back, carving it, planting bombs, carrying cannonballs, shooting cannons, stealing eggs, throwing sonic bombs to deafen monsters, fishing at home, fishing in the jungle and pulling out something far bigger than what I could chew… This was the moment that made me think "Oh my god… I really did that… I did all this and I didn't even realise… because I was so immersed.".

That same evening, I went to bed thinking about what monster hunter could become in the future… I imagined jungles that strained the capabilities of my imagination, I imagined monsters spewing flames that only my mind or at the time – top-end movie effects could create.

And now we're here. I have played it, you have played it… We literally have played what I dreamed and wished would one day become real.


And you know what? What we've been given the opportunity to play – is something that far exceeds what I ever imagined. It's a dream turned into a reality.

And this is where the meat of this post begins:

Where do we go from here? I mean… Surely – this has to be THE PEAK right? Yes we can bring back monsters, towns, areas… we can do all that – but… What else could be added? We could staple more mechanics to the game… But I almost feel like what we have now is bordering on – the ultimate monster hunter experience.

I am a game designer at heart.. I do not finish many games because I see so many things that could be improved via simple, cheap tweaks… that it frustrates me and I stop playing, I think outside the conventions and outside the box… And for I think – the first time in my life – I cannot see or imagine anything:- that would improve Monster Hunter in its current state (except for more varied looks of certain weapon types, this is for you my HH bros).

Thanks for reading my- oh my god… that's a long post.

TL;DR: I am a game designer at heart, but with MHW I honestly do not know what could be added and improved for a new MH title. Do you have ideas? What do you imagine the next MH game to be like?

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