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NVIDIA 411.70 High Setting + Volume Rendering Quality = Off NO FLICKERING

A ya E n  SSa BA zWorld.0 1024x683 - NVIDIA 411.70 High Setting + Volume Rendering Quality = Off NO FLICKERING

Just want to share my experience with this version of the Driver.

I updated from 411.63 to 411.70

The way I installed it is I downloaded the driver from NVIDIA website (NOT UPDATE THROUGH THE GEFORCE EXPERIENCE SOFTWARE)

Product Type: GeForce

Product Series: GeForce 10 Series (Depends on what GPU you have)

Product: GeForce GTX 1060(Again, depends on the GPU you have, I have a GTX 1060 3GB)

Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit (Depends on the OS you have)

Language: English (US)

This is how I installed it.

• I installed the update by clicking the option that not installs the GeForce Experience. After that I choose custom install and tick the Clean install check box. After updating the driver I noticed that my GeForce experience was gone. Apparently it was uninstalled.

• After that I downloaded NVIDIA Profile Inspector and deleted the monster hunter world profile


• Then I opened NVIDIA Control Panel went to Manage 3D Settings, clicked Program Settings and selected Monster Hunter world(It will probably not show up if you haven't opened the game yet. I suggest opening the game then closing it again) Then switched the Power Management Mode to Prefer Maximum performance, Texture filtering quality to High Performance and Vertical Sync to Off.

I want to show you guys some evidence but I don't have a recording software now that my Geforce experience is gone.

Currently I'm playing at 1080p High Settings and Volume Rendering quality off at 60fps without flickering. I walked around Rotten Vale and fought a Vaal Hazak and didn't notice any frame drops and flickering.

What i'm guessing is that the GeForce Experience software is causing the flickering. I'M NOT SURE THO.

Hope this helps.

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