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OC- Two Weapon Concepts. The Wyvern Pike / The Dual Bowguns

MonsterHunterWorld5 - OC- Two Weapon Concepts. The Wyvern Pike / The Dual Bowguns

The hype for the new upcoming games is real, and it gets me all itching to fantasize about what I think would look cool in the series, especially weapon designs, because I'm a MH nerd and that's what we do.

Since they haven't said anything about a new weapon in Rise yet, I'm gonna think rather in terms of GenU engine. Why GenU? Because I haven't played World/IB enough to warrant me trying to understand the subtle changes of gameplay a weapon can bring. But I won't go and breakdown all the variations that Hunting Styles bring to the board because I am also human and I don't have time for this, so it's going to be only Guild Style for now.

Also, since it's like my third post about weapon concepts, let's start with the 3rd rehash of my first one. Introducing – the Wyvern Pike, 3.0. I wanted it to remain a flashy weapon that's still simple to understand that is not Longsword, so, little micro-management, just a sharpness bar and that's it, in attempt to revert a bit the design creep that has gone with the series as of the last entries, lol.

Wyvern Pike

A simple piercing weapon looking like a two-handed hallberd, that rejoins the family of Lance and Gunlance. As opposed to its brethren, it doesn't come with a shield and instead goes all out on the offensive playstyle by raining combos down onto the hunter's prey. If the attacks hit their mark, the hunter can become fiercer and fiercer with every attack and enter Trance mode, which speeds up their actions and grants them the ability of performing devastating Katas that all have a different use. However, the monsters can knock the hunter out of their Trance mode with attacks and roars, and it also only lasts until the weapon is sheathed. To truly master the weapon, you'll have to master the tells of your target and await for the opportunity to unleash your powerful Kata with the right timing. The risks are high, as the weapon has ample swings and has few defensive options, but the reward for landing them is worth it.

It has two sorts of basic attacks – the stabs (X) and the slashes (A). The first one works like the other piercing weapon, automatically using the weakest hitzone value (cut or impact) of a monster. The second one only does cutting damage, but you'll do more damage if you hit with the center of the hallberd blade. Each hit works towards activation of the Trance mode, indicated by a glow and wind swirl around your weapon and a dust circle at the feet of your hunter. In Trance mode, your walking speed is increased substantially and your attacks become faster. You can also perform a Kata, but keep in mind that all Kata will send you out of Trance mode after use, though it is easier to reach Trance again, compared to after being interrupted by a monster's attack.

(Basically, all basic attacks increase Trance count by a certain amount, and when at max, a Kata can be used. Katas consume a certain number of levels, while being sent flying resets the count to 0.)


Unsheathe/direction + X : Step-in Spear Stab (18). Hunter runs a short distance and stabs forward.

X: Spear Stab (18). Same as the Step-in version, but stationary.

XX: Stab and Reap Out (16+17). Stabs a second time, then rips the spear backwards out the target's flesh.

XXX: Descending Strike (30). Turns around, placing the spear behind, then turns again to slam forward in a powerful descending arc.

B (roll)-> X: Lunging Spear Stab (19). After the roll, leaps in the air and stabs downward. Useful to extend roll lenght slightly.

XA: Pole Dance Attack (30 impact + 45 KO/exhaust). Plants the spear in the ground and uses it as a pole to deliver a powerful spinning kick, then swings back in starting position. This attack does Impact/KO damage instead and can't proc elements or status.

A: Right Quick Slash. (16) A quick slash to the right, diagonally ascending.

attack -> direction + A: Sidestep Slash (15). Performs a quick sidestep while holding the Pike upwards, then brings it down vertically. Useful to weave combos together.

AA: Cross Slash (18×2). Slashes two times in an X pattern.

AAA: Rising Cyclone (15+15+27). Attacks three times by spinning in place, the third attack having the hunter leap in the air while slashing.

Idle R (Normal) : Left Quick Slash (16). Same as A version, but leftwards. They can be chained together with R->A->R->A… But not indefinitely since the Hunter will reach Trance mode after a certain number of hits, therefore it'll automatically become Torrent Kata.

idle R / R after any A attack + direction (Trance) : Torrent Kata (20+20). The hunter somersaults in target direction while slashing twice. During this attack, you're immune to any knockback/roars but you'll still sustain reduced damage. When performed, a sound is played, mimicking splashing water.

R after Rising Cyclone: Blazing Kata (47). The hunter twirls the Pike over their head, then dashes forward a short distance forcefully left-slashes in front of them. If it hits, it'll reduce the time needed to reach next Trance mode. When performed, a sound is played, mimicking bursting fire.

R after Descending Strike: Hail Kata (12×5). The hunter readies their weapon, then rains down a flurry of stabs in front of them. It hits 5 times in total. When performed, a sound is played, mimicking an ice cold blade unsheathed.

R during Pole Dance Attack/during jump: Storm Kata (40). While airborne, the hunter handles their spear like a harpoon and throws them downwards. This attack always critically strikes on a weak spot. When performed, a sound is played, mimicking a crack of lightning.

R after any X attack/ after Falling Assault : Wyvern Kata (59). The hunter assumes a kung-fu pose, holding their spear two-handed, then spins it around their body and brings it down vertically with brutal force. This attack has a long windup, but makes monsters flinch more easily and is good at breaking parts. When performed, a roar is played, mimicking a dragon or a lion.

X while airborne: Falling Assault (22). Barrels in the air then brings down the pike to slam it on its target. Does mounting damage.

Hunter Arts

Reckless Abandon (M) : Meditates and finds true rage within oneself. While this art is active, the Kata performed won't end Trance mode anymore, and you'll automatically react to being sent flying by attacks by jumping back on your feet, not losing your Trance level. LVI (30 seconds) LVII (60 seconds), LVIII (45 seconds + 10 raw +15 affinity)


Heaven's Barrage (L) : The big damage hunter art. The hunter spins its weapon left and right at high speed, hitting multiple times, then delivers a powerful final strike that leaves an after trail like the infinite symbol (layed down 8). The last hit automatically activates Trance mode. LVI: (7×6+60), LVII (8×6+80), LVIII (9×6+110)

Heart Seeker (M) : The hunter fling their spear forward while it is tethered to a cable. If the art connects, the hunter will be pulled towards its target and rip the spear loose. At higher levels, this art is performed even faster. LVI,II,III (27+32)

Roar of the Hunt (S): The hunter readies their spear and lets out a powerful battle cry that echoes in the area, interrupting all small monsters and making them flee in fear, while also triggering sonic bomb effects. At level III, it creates a small shockwave that can stun monsters if it hits the head. LVI (0), LVII (0), LVIII (0+40 KO/exhaust)


Next up is the Dual Bowguns. Granted it is super hard to come up with a 4th ranged weapon that is not Boomerang / GenU's Palicoes. I tried to take on a different view on the classic Bowguns while retaining the core aspect of their gameplay: ammo management. I wanted something that looks cool and creative.

Dual Bowguns

As the name implies, this weapon comes in two identical parts, two bowguns that can be loaded with all the classic types of ammo other types of Bowguns use. Two weapons means they can shoot twice as fast – in reality, similar to the Light Bowgun's rapid fire feature, two shots always come out one used ammo. However, as they're quite light and adaptive, they can't quite specialize as much as their single counterparts due to their frame, meaning they don't come with Internal Ammo at all.

The strength of Dual Bowguns come from the freedom in creativity with bullet usage they allow, and their dodge-and-burst playstyle. They can load bullets in different sequences and then fire them in that order, or unload everything on their target in a powerful Scatter Burst. When holding the button to cycle through ammo, you can load individual bullets into your weapon (they'll be indicated in the top corner by differently colored bullets in your ammo gauge). You can then either tap the attack button to fire one bullet at a time (two shots) or hold it to fire all your shots one after the other. You're still stationary when firing, but being able to rain down bullet hell onto your target can prove deadly for them. You can also slip in some status shots in-between your damaging shots to add utility to your rampage. When the opportunity arise, you can also use the risky technique known as Scatter Shot. It will unload all your ammo in one single burst that cumulates all the recoils of respective bullets, leaving you open for quite some time, but the payoff is worth it. While you can't aim with that technique, applying multiple special shots in one attack like Crag or Paralysis can immediately proc the desired effect. Dual Bowguns are also the only ranged weapon that allows shooting while dodging with all styles.

Recoil and Reload Speed work a little different on them too. Recoil affects the delay between the twin shots, while Reload Speed affects the time that each individual bullet takes to be loaded in the weapon. Also, yes, Bladescale Sharpen is OP on this weapon. Keep in mind that while the shots are fired twice for one bullet, they also have a negative multiplier, similar to how Rapid Fire shots work with the LBG. Each individual shot actually has 0.6 power, which makes 1 bullet 1.2x stronger than it would normally be, provided the two shots hit their mark.


Tap X: Twin Shot (Use 1 ammo.)

Hold X: Barrage Shot (Fire all ammo in succession until magazine is empty.)

X while airborne: Fires 2 rounds of ammo in camera direction.

A: Reloads 1 round of the currently selected ammo.

Hold A: Reload bullets (1 at time until fully reloaded. You can move during that time.)

R: Aim.

R+ direction+B: Sliding Shot. Sliding in a direction, the hunter fires a Twin Shot at its target, depending on the angle of the camera.

R+A: While stationary, ejects all cartridges (resets your currently loaded ammo without expending them) and loads your previous full setup. (Let's say, if your previous full load was 3 pierce and 2 para, no matter which ammo you had loaded, it'll load 3 pierce and 2 para.)

Hold L (+up/down) -> A: Reload 1 Ammo while cycling through your stock.

XA: Scatter Shot. Unloads all your remaining shots at once, in the direction your hunter is facing. The move itself has a little windup, then after the initial recoil, your Hunter ejects all used cartridges, remaining open to attacks during that time.

B: Roll. The Twin Bowguns don't use sidesteps.

Hunter Arts

Bullet Hell (M): Your hunter dodges forward while spinning and firing special ammo around them. This move has generous invincibility frames and attacks in a circle. Higher levels of this art fire more bullet waves. LVI (5×3), LVII ((5×3)x2), LVIII, (5×3)x3)

Frenzied Trigger (L): Temporarily enhances your loading capabilities by entering a trigger-happy frenzy. For a set number of shots, you'll directly tap into your currently selected ammo reserve to fire, but you can't swap ammo types. A Scatter Shot cannot exceed 10 bullets used. Higher levels of this art allow to fire more bullets, and the final level reduces your recoil by 1 level. LVI (11 shots), LVII (22 shots), LVIII (33 shots + Recoil Down +1)

Land Mine (S): Loads special explosives inside your bowgun, then fires it into the ground. The explosives will remain active until a monster sets them off by walking onto them. Higher levels of this art use stronger explosives. LVI (30 fixed+20 fire+20 KO), LVII (40 fixed+20 fire+20KO), LVIII (60 fixed+20 fire+20 KO)

Swift Pursuit (L): Temporarily replaces your Dodge Rolls by Demon Dashes that fire a Twin Shot in the direction you were facing before issuing the dodge. Higher levels of the art last longer. LVI (30 seconds), LVII (45 seconds), LVIII (60 seconds).

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